Episode 12 – 122805

It was a few days after Christmas and this is our 12th show!

  • We recall the gifts of Xmas past and wonder why Dean Koontz sucks so hard.
  • We talk about a maddening visit to Target
  • I gush on Max Headroom and Doctor Who and Mike rolls his eyes … a lot.
  • We talk about Gravity and our New Years plans.

Clips by the Happy Bullets and High Pressure Gardening (covering a GbV song).

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Episode 12
Time: 58min.
File Size: 26.4mb

2 Responses to “Episode 12 – 122805”

  1. Groble Says:

    hey crank and mike,

    just me the limey =( here to give you some info on the latest Dr.

    His names DAVID tennant, and he did indeed star in the recent BBC Drama Casanova, which is well worth watching. You might also recognise him i’ve you’ve seen the latest harry potter movie (6) in which he played Barty Crouch Jr.

    and a little bit of geeky trivia for you; He provided the voice the caretaker in the Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka, an animated mini series.

    anyway another great show and i can’t wait for the next one (and luckily won’t have too ;)

  2. crank! Says:

    Hah … at least I got the Tennant part right … my powers of observation rival Homes I tell you!

    John Holmes that is.