Episode 26 – 040506

WKRP in Cincinnati26 … past the first milestone!

This week we're joined by Sean Mckeever (I hear he won some award or another) to talk about big t.v.'s, the freelance lifestyle and Sean's own video game, Comic Book Mogul.  Finally we chat a bit about recent reads and a listener email.

Music by Jonathan Coulton and Blackalicious.

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Episode 26 – Time: 65min. – File Size: 29.8mb


8 Responses to “Episode 26 – 040506”

  1. B. Schatz Says:

    “Julie Andrews, you are my muse. Sing for me woman!”

    Oh golly. I laughed at that until I cried. Damn you Norton.

  2. Sean McKeever Says:

    Yay! Jenny said my name!

    I read on Wiki that Wesley Willis had only $300 to his name when he died.

    Also, I can’t find that Wesley Willis vs. Mr. T fumetti anywhere. :(

  3. Eirik Uthus Says:

    Okey, I just loved the INTRO! Now I’m going back to hear the rest of the Podcast :D

  4. Paul D. Storrie Says:

    Once again fulfilling my role as “The guy who knows useless TV stuff” for the Crankcast (okay, for the Crankcast comments section).

    Venus Flytrap was played by Tim Reid, who was indeed on Simon & Simon and more recently on That ’70s Show as Hyde’s dad.


    P.S. McKeever — Was’t I the one who spoiled Battlestar Galactica for you? Consider it payback for The Usual Suspects!

  5. crank! Says:

    I’m starting to think I’m the one who spoiled the ending … after going back and listening to the show and actually hearing what he said was spoiled …


    Lost … now.


  6. groble Says:

    okay so yeah great show.

    i kept thinking ooh i should say something about that but i kept forgetting as i went through the show. anyway I just wanted to tell mike that i thought the art on howling commandoes 6 was fantastic, especially the splash page where the moleman rips through the ground and they are all up on the hill ready to charge down…. breath taking.

  7. groble Says:

    wait hold on! me lonely? too much free time? thats not… totally true =/ *sigh*

  8. Scott King Says:

    Mike, did you ever get the TV hooked up? Is it too big?