Episode 27 – 041206

iTunes Ain't Havin None of Us ...27 … that's a buncha shows not on iTunes.

This week nerdery abounds as we talk computers and whine more about the lack of iTunes lovin'.  Mike wonders about the safety of his family while crank! horrifies him with tales of his gramma.   Finally we talk about some comics and how Myspace will eat your children.

Music clips by Just Jaycob & Shock and Awe

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Episode 27 – Time: 50min. – File Size: 22.9mb

9 Responses to “Episode 27 – 041206”

  1. Drew M Says:

    You guys will get on iTunes sooner or later.

  2. groble Says:

    “it was just a nun?”

    i fell off my bed when you said that, it was so frickin funny. The best bit was the total silence after you said it.

    oh god my chest hurts from laughing

  3. crank! Says:

    Drew, I hope we get on iTunes sooner or later … just for the piece of mind.

    I didn’t do that movie justice Groble, Vertigo is an excellent film.

    Watch it.



  4. Migz13 Says:

    Yo Mike and Crank,

    Just wanted to let you know I’m still listening to your podcast every week, even without iTunes. I’m sure you guys will be listed someday, it defenitly feels good seeing your name on iTunes.

    Great episode, even without a special guest. It was cool to you two BS over stuff.

    Thanks for the Vertigo movie summary, I haven’t seen that film in years and I seem to have forgotten how good it was. Crank, Is that your favorite Hitchcock film? Mine is Rebecca cuz it was also the first movie my girlfriend and I saw together at my house before we started dating five years ago.

    Keep it up!


  5. crank! Says:

    Heya Migz,

    I don’t know that I have a fav Hitchcock film … I mean there’s a lotta really great ones like the Birds, Charade, North by Northwest, Rear Window etc …. not to mention when I was a kid and would catch reruns of the television show.

    If there’s anything there’s probably films I like less than others, but I can’t think of any off thte top of my head.


  6. Taber Says:

    Did I sense a note of disdain at the mention of my name , Crank?

  7. crank! Says:

    When was that Chris? I remember Mike saying you were probably yelling at us …

    Oh wait … yeh you bailed on us sucka!

  8. John Siuntres Says:

    Boys, you were dead-on with your Moon Knight #1 critique . That was 22 pages that should have been an ash-can 10 pager.

    I agree, Houston will probably tell a great story, and Finch’s art looks fantastic, but this was way too thin plot-wise to be a full 22 page issue.

    Cranks “grandma witch” stories frightened me.You should tell some of the stories to joe Landsdale and fire up a mini series.

    I too had an old world greek grandmother, who was infamous for the ability of taking hexes off of people from her immigrant neighborhood.

    “It was white magic”, say my elderly aunts.

  9. crank! Says:

    “White Magic” …. I seem to remember my gramma saying much the same. Until she got spooked out of it all, that is.

    Ive never seen a ghost myself, though I cant help but wonder with all the stories I heard from different family members while growing up.