Episode 28 – 041906

the Soulfood of Mike's PeopleBring on the chocolate rabbits!

This week we're joined by Taber and talk about the new Doctor Who, marshmallow Peeps, film festivals, zombie cow fetus' (fetii?) and listener email.

Music clips by Cats & Jammers and Stark Effect.

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21 Responses to “Episode 28 – 041906”

  1. Drew M Says:

    Crank and a Giant Purple Dildo…my mind is scarred forever…

  2. Taber Says:

    Gary Busey and Crispin Glover appeared in the Dennis Hopper directed film Chasers starring Tom Berenger and Erika Eleniak’s tits. I don’t think they have any scenes together though.

  3. Sean McKeever Says:

    Another fine show, guys. Taber’s vault of movie minutia continues to both impress and disturb.

    You guys should totally have Groble on. It can be a crossover with his podcast. Maybe that’ll get you on iTunes.

    Dunno why I never thought of this before, Crank, but since you like horror flicks so much, we should talk about the two Fangoria flicks I played monsters in when they built a movie studio in northern Wisconsin. I could tell the world stuff about Peter Deluise, Angus Scrimm Bruce Campbell and Ami Dolenz!

  4. Taber Says:

    Hey Sean,
    I have a friend who also worked on Mindwarp. He said his skin had such a bad reaction to the make up that he has permanent acne-type scars and now grows a beard to cover it up.
    I had another friend who was a Schwann’s delivery man and one of the customers on his route lives on the Fangoria Studios lot. She was some rich lady with a couple of Playboy-Hot twin daughters. But I guess the old soundstages are unused and have trees growing inside of them.
    Where was that again..Eagle River?

  5. Sean McKeever Says:

    Oh, yeah, Schwann’s…they came by our store for a while back in the 90s. We’d buy ice cream cups wholesale.

    The Fango studio was previously a boys’ camp in Sugar Camp, about 10 minutes south of Eagle River. Mindwarp…what a crappy movie. But not as bad as Children of the Night, the Fango vampire flick. You can see me all redneck-vamped up here:

    Now you got me trying to figure out who that might’ve been with the hot daughters. :)

  6. groble Says:

    simon pegg was in the first season of dr who, he played a tv exec of something.

    and why did you not talk about spaced? hey? why?

  7. crank! Says:

    Wait …. you were actually in Children of the Night? I’ve got that on VHS! Will you autograph it for me?

    I had a huge crush on Ami Dolenz in the early 90’s.


  8. crank! Says:

    We might talk about it a bit next week … I just introduced Jenny to Spaced recently and she was so sad that it ended.

    Terrific show though.


  9. groble Says:

    OH MY GOD! Taber is so lettin you down crank.

    Mr Tennant played Giacomo Casanova in the BBC3 period drama comedy Casanova (i get a weird feeling of having told you this before) it’s a great show.

    and as you said he also played barty crouch jr in the HP film

  10. groble Says:

    oh my god i finally just realised that taber was saying “gingerbread man” i thought he was saying “ginger dead man” as in some movie about a ginger corpse. i pictured a dead hillbilly with a thick gingerbeard

  11. groble Says:

    Crank if you liked spaced you really should check out “Black Books” and “The Adam and Joe show”

    oh and if you want hard trivia questions you should check out show 7 of my podcast (shameless plug) @ http://www.outcast.podomatic.com becuase there is a short quiz on there you might enjoy.

  12. Sean McKeever Says:

    Crank, I was indeed. And even though I was originally supposed to be killed by Garrett Morris, and even though 2nd unit shot this whole big deal with me playing a Dracula pinball machine, you can only see me in a single shot. It’s a party scene where Karen Black goes off on all the vampires.

    One day, my job was to grab at Ami Dolenz’s jean jacket and stroke her body, as I was lusting after her virgin blood. DeLuise threatened me: “don’t get any cheap thrills outta this.” Yeah, ’cause I’m gonna grab Dolenz’s tits. Sheesh.

  13. groble Says:

    your life amazes me sean

  14. crank! Says:

    Ahh but Sean the question is … did you?


  15. Mike Says:

    I think Taber DID mean “Gingerdead Man”.

  16. groble Says:

    so a film about some dead ginger guy. people actually pay to watch stuff like that?

  17. Taber Says:

    Here you go Groble:


  18. groble Says:

    cheers taber, i’ll see if there’s an import version and maybe i’ll pick it up

  19. crank! Says:

    groble said “so a film about some dead ginger guy. people actually pay to watch stuff like that?”

    Of course!


  20. groble Says:

    i have since been firmly told to not buy it in any shape or form, not even for a joke.

    speaking of joke films have any of you seen “The Refrigerator”


    i love this film so much

  21. groble Says:

    oh god where is the new show? how can you make us wait a week?