Crankcast Episode 32 – 051706

Mike's a Pamp!32 … also … as well.

This week on a jet-lagged and sunburnt episode …
Mike returns to us only to find that notmuch has changed at the Crank Compound … but he brought presents!   We talk to you about our thoughts on the recent E3 news and the building of an arcade in the Compound.   Finally crank will bore you with his accounts of season finale madness.

Music by Kaimoku and Bradley.

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Episode 32 – Time: 54min. – File Size: 24.8mb

9 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 32 – 051706”

  1. crank! Says:


    Crank, as usual, is an idiot … the season finale for House is not til next week. By the previews it looks killer.

  2. Taber Says:

    Where’s my present, bitch!

  3. groble Says:

    hmmm is it mongoose or mongeese? genuine question

  4. groble Says:

    can anyone else hear the screaming of thousands of tiny babies far away in the distance

  5. groble Says:

    wow, err way to err finish on a high? =/

    bring back sam!

  6. crank! Says:

    You’re a harsh taskmaster Groble … whaddya think we are, dancing monkies?!?!?


    Well … maybe this was a bit rambly jambly.

    Next week’s will be better.


  7. loraxxx j zynishter Says:

    welcome back, mike!–you carry the show!–where’s my t-shirt?

    speaking of show #24…

    ps–who would win in a fight–james earl jones in “that weird western tales” flic or thulsa doom?
    dr who or dr house?
    dr who or dr pepper?
    mr t or jenny?
    taber or jenny?
    crank or jenny?
    mike or that man-boy-girl-thing-from-that-one-other-movie?
    taber or wolverine?
    mr t or wolverine?
    mike with an adamantium skeleton or wolverine with bone claws?
    mike with an adamantium skeleton or jenny with bone claws?
    mike with an adamanatium skeleton and bone claws or superman aka “butt-kickin’ jesus”?

    thanx for the entertaining podcast-show!


  8. groble Says:

    i gotta keep you on your toes mike. i shall hold you to your promise of next week being better, i could use a how that makes me laugh till my sides hurt

  9. crank! Says:

    Hmmm … good questions.

    1. I think the gritty Old West JEJ would have the edge … bullets probably carry further than stiff snakes.

    2. Dr. Who’a lover not a fighter … and House knows how to swing a cane.

    3. Dr. Pepper goes flat faster.

    4. Jenny

    5. Jenny

    6. Jenny

    7. the ManBoyGirl would send Mike screaming

    8. If by fight you mean Trivial Pursuit than Taber’s all over this one

    9. You gotta ask fool?!?!

    10. Do they both get the healing factor?

    11. Jenny

    12. Jesus will of course …

    be good,