Awww man … Shrimp on a treadmill.

6 Responses to “Awww man … Shrimp on a treadmill.”

  1. Mike Norton Rules You Says:

    why do we have this on our website?

  2. Sam W Says:

    I think because you don’t know how to edit the site to take it down. And it’s freaky.

  3. crank! Says:

    C’mon … it’s a shrimp.

    On a treadmill.


  4. Drew M Says:

    yeah, and you though snakes on a plane was stupid…oy vey

  5. Crowley Says:

    that shrimp was behind Irwin’s death.

    crustacean conspiracy.

  6. Servo Says:

    Shrimp on a treadmill rocks. Then again I watch the cable tv graph for entertainment.