Crankcast Episode 54 – 101806

Heeeeee'res the Crankcast!54 and shocked at the response to 53 … really … do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

This week on a 54th episode that was home laughing during the last show … Mike tells you what he did while people were actually learning at this weekend's Con-Sequential in Memphis … Crank is in search of a new car and we tell you to buy Mike's comics … we do manage to talk about some current T.V. and comics related talk during that, honestly.

Featuring music by Cinderella and New Model Army.

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Episode 54 – Time: 69min. – File Size: 31.6mb

14 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 54 – 101806”

  1. Drew M Says:

    I, too, am shocked and appalled at the rest of you bastards for your reaction to last weeks show. For Shame people…for shame…*covers head and hides*

  2. B. Schatz Says:

    I can understand the surprise to the reaction to 53 – we [b]crankcast[/b] fans don’t often show our love. We are the lethargic, disgruntled, beer swilling, B-movie-greatness loving children of your boredom killing weekly podcast, and outward displays of unbridled man-love are foreign to us (well, at least the guys).

    Rest assured, we listen and enjoy every week. Some of us are just too lazy to say so. ;)

  3. Sam W Says:

    Welcome back guys, I guess a joke that no one gets isn’t really a joke.

    (until years later after you pass away and you’re considered genius…)

  4. Taber Says:

    First of all, Crank it’s Woody Allen’s SLeeper, not Sleepwalker. That was a crappy Stephen King movie about cat people, (actually Sleepwalkers).

    Secondly 30 Rock is a really good show. It’s witty (“it’s not HBO, it’s TV.”), goofy (“I am a Jedi! I am a Jedi!”) and smart. Putting the trivector oven in there and then advertising for it is almost genius not exploitative. I actually had to research to see if the commercial was fake or not because when was the last time you saw an ad for any brand of oven?

  5. Sal! Says:

    We actually were thinking about you guys last weekend. I mentioned to Bill reinhold that my dream was to have two former Badger pencilers in the same room.

    We didn’t call you, because we DON’T HAVE YOUR FRICKIN’ PHONE NUMBERS!

    Also, we figured Mike was busy and I assumed Crank WAS GOING TO SHOW UP!

    So really, I feel no guilt at all. You suck.

  6. Mike Norton Rules You Says:

    Whatever. Around Comics sucks. JIHAD!!!!

    Taber…. you’ve never been so wrong about a show.

  7. Sean McKeever Says:

    Mike, that was a touching end to this week’s crankcast. I’m all moist-eyed.

    Lemme know when I’m guesting again. :)

  8. Nando Says:

    Mike and Crank are back….yay I say….yay

  9. groble Says:

    i’m upset by how everyone is reacting to last weeks show. it was different sure, but i thought it made an enjoyable change.

  10. crank! Says:

    I can’t deny that it’s heartwarming that fols like us enough to dislike that as much as it was.

    I have no idea what I’m saying sometimes,

  11. Browitzer! Says:

    Mike! Watch Veronica Mars, GODAMMIT!! Season 2 of VM was BETTER than season 2 of Lost. Really.
    Also, I too had to research the trivector oven’s actuality. I thought it was a fake commercial and thus hilarious. Only now I know it’s real, it’s not as funny… 30 Rock is a solid, clever show. EAT IT!!

  12. Crowley Says:

    Taber is correct. 30 Rock, rocks… and now I want a GE oven.

    two of em.

  13. Taber Says:

    Thanks for the 30 Rock support guys! Admittedly the 2nd episode wasn’t hilarious per se but still enjoyable. Episode 4 has Conan O’brien in it, thus it will be awesome.

  14. Mike Norton Rules You Says:

    oh man I hate you all.