Crankcast Episode 56 – 110106

Oooooh ... faced!This ones spoooooooky.

This week on a 56th episode of doooooooom … Tim Seeley and Chris Taber team up with Mike to make fun of crank's Moon-Pie face. We also talk horror movies and some other crap.

Featuring music by Ministry and Oingo Boingo.

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Episode 56 – Time: 61min. – File Size: 28mb

11 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 56 – 110106”

  1. Drew M Says:

    Best Quote yet, “I’m just waiting for the hair to grow back so I can have sex again.”

  2. Taber Says:

    Dude, I just noticed that Skype makes me sound like I have muscular dystrophy.

  3. Taber Says:

    Also, I meant to say Sean Dove called me on my birthday, not Sam. My apologies if anyone’s feelings were hurt.

  4. crank! Says:

    Could you hear the anguish in my voice when I was muttering “Why am I even here” ?


  5. Jenny Says:

    Ok, next year, for Halloween… Death Tunnel: The Reality. We can go to Louisville, to Waverly Hills Sanatorium, for real! They have crazy Halloween tours and we can be IN the Death Tunnel! And it’s haunted, with the souls of dead southern girls who love bacon.

  6. Nando Says:

    Thanx for wishing us latin american fans a happy all saints day…and that picture freaks me out btw

  7. Drew M Says:

    poor Crank :( …Norton, you leave Crank and his incredibly wide face alone…

  8. Jacobi Says:

    Seeley and Taber both on the same show might of been too much awesome at once.

    Awesome overload.

  9. G-Dog Says:

    Horror and Metal have no connection anymore?



  10. crank! Says:

    No sir … I was saying horror movies don’t have the metal connection they did back then.


  11. groble Says:

    errr it’s wednesday? errrrrrr new show? errrr where?