Show delay …

Hi there.

We decided to try to video this weeks draw night as a nice diversion from our normal shows.

Crank didn't really gauge too well how long the editing would take.

Crank's dumb.

The show will be here shortly soon. 

5 Responses to “Show delay …”

  1. groble Says:

    i’m sure it will be worth the wait

  2. Sean McKeever Says:

    BOOOO! Where’s my Crankcast?!

  3. Keith Cunningham Says:

    These delays are outrageous!
    I’m done with Marvel after this!
    I mean. . . err . . . that didn’t make any sense. :-P

  4. Nando Says:

    such a long wait for the video episode… there better be some tits in there…or a batman

  5. Miles Says:

    Howdee Crank! and Mike.
    Been listening to your show for a long time.

    one day I may email ya so you can read it out on the show.

    you can add another tick to your overseas listners box

    [ ./ ] Australia.

    Im with Crank.
    Spaced is great, thou I havent watched it in years (used to be on tv here).

    Just wondering if you guys have ever met Ben Templesmith or Ashley Wood?
    never heard either of them on a podcast and they rarely get a mention.
    Fell is quite a good read if you havent tried.
    Doomed Magazine out on IDW is pretty cool too if you like your horror (Crank!).

    anyway, thanks for the show. always entertaining.