Crankcast Episode 61 – 120606

Hey!What happens when we get another podcaster on the show …. we talk. A lot.

This week on a long-winded 61st episode of the Crankcast …'s John Siuntres joins us in the compound to show us how this podcasting thing is really done.   Crank and John talk way too much about the Rocky movies, we read some listener email and bid farewell to a favorite comic character (beware, here there be spoilers).

Featuring music by Fishbone and Twisted Sister.

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Episode 61 – Time: 101min. – File Size: 46.3mb

6 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 61 – 120606”

  1. Taber Says:

    I liked Happy Feet and I’m an adult. I thought it was sweet, beautiful to look at, and had a subtle anti-religion message that I really enjoyed.

    Also, this pod cast made my day go by much faster, mostly because it seemed to go on all day.

  2. john siuntres Says:

    I talk wayyy tooo much

  3. crank! Says:

    I talked more I think … and I was asking you questions and should’ve been listening to answers!


  4. Mike Norton Rules You Says:

    You’re both right!

    and Taber, I’ma gonna punch you!

  5. Nando Says:

    meh, I dug it a lot. Crankcast twice in one week dude, can’t go wrong with that…

  6. Drew M Says:

    I think you oughta make John a Crankcast regular, I love Wordballoon but I like hearing from John outside of the interviews. And he was totally dropping the mad Rocky knowledge on you fools.