Crankcast Episode 64b – 123106

The second part of 64, wherein Skottie names his comic nemeses, while we all cringe. I apologize for the robot censor.

We also go on to talk about how useless press releases have been and some other valid junk.

Or something.

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Happy 07!

Episode 64b – Time: 57min. – File Size: 26.1mb

13 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 64b – 123106”

  1. keith cunningham Says:

    If you want, I’ll be your nemesis, crankcast.

  2. keith cunningham Says:

    Also, crank uses my editing program of choice. Sony Vegas all the way baby!

  3. Drew M Says:

    Scottie’s way cooler than [cranks creepy digitized voice saying “the crankcast”]! You show [cranks creepy digitized voice saying”the crankcast”] whose boss, Scottie. you kick [cranks creepy digitized voice saying “the crankcast”]’s ass man!

  4. Nando Says:

    both of these episodes rocked! thanx guys

  5. HuffyMan Says:

    24hour podcast = excelent idea. I for one would listen. Of course, people say I’m self-admittedly nuts, but I’d still listen. 1-2 hours from everyone doing comic podcasts with a few hours of everyone together to close it all off.

  6. G. Noel Gross Says:

    [cranks creepy digitized voice saying “the crankcast”] rules

  7. Mike Norton Rules You Says:

    How can you be “self-admittedly” nuts if people are calling you that?

  8. kungfuhippy Says:

    The Crankcast censor robot is awesome!.

  9. keith cunningham Says:

    I listen to T.H.E. C.R.A.N.K.C.A.S.T.

  10. Will Jibaja Says:

    I’m listening to Scott about to drop some names and then greeted with *the crankcast*! Freaked me the hell out. I thought the voices had returned even though I’ve taken the medicine. Very nice edit by the way Crank. Oh! and a happy new year to all!

  11. Nando Says:

    Diggle is the one writing the Green Arrow year one book that Jock is drawing. Did you guys see that promo piece he did? my god that’s purrrrrrty!

  12. crank! Says:

    I thought so!


  13. Nando Says:

    aaaaaand jock is also doing “Faker” for vertigo with Mike Carey this year! yay 2007!