Crankcast Episode 64a – 123106

Tight and Shiny!the end of times! … or at least 2006.

This week on a year end extravaganza we're joined by John Suintres and Skottie Young to talk about movies and comics we liked in 2006 and what we're looking forward to in '07 … sorta.   This week is an extra long show, so we made it a two-parter … the second half is much saucier.

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Episode 64a – Time: 60min. – File Size: 27.5mb

One Response to “Crankcast Episode 64a – 123106”

  1. keith cunningham Says:

    I’ve gotta agree with Skottie about trades. I switched completely over to trades a year ago or so and I’m loving it. It’s so simple to track things down and the stories read much better.

    Also, the Tim Burton Planet of the Apes was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE movie. I don’t usually say that about films. I’m usually the guy who defends films, but I can find nothing to defend about this. I absolutely hated it.