Crankcast Episode 69 – 013107

Leisha McHottiepantz69 dude! *air guitar*

This week on a still rambling, though shorter week of the Crankcast that makes us giggle at the title … we talk about our exciting weekends and the mysteries of  Mike experiences buyer's remorse and we try to figure out if the Dresden Files is actually any good.  Finally we urge you to go see Divebar next Tuesday and then read email. 

Feat. music clips by the Murmurs and Divebar.

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Episode 69 – Time: 39min. – File Size: 17.9mb

13 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 69 – 013107”

  1. G. Noel Gross Says:

  2. crank! Says:

    oy vey …. Noel … nooooooooo!

    Fer the luvva mike man,

  3. Drew M Says:

    Eureka was renewed for a second season:

    This has been your sci-fi news minute *teletype machines rattling in the background*

  4. keith cunningham Says:

    All future episodes should begin with air guitar.

  5. Jenny Says:

    When Crank is surrounded by Siamese, he has to be using one of those long cigarette holders. Is there a special name for those?
    Also, Lady in the Water was awful, I agree. That grass dog has to be the least-scary scary monster ever.

  6. David Thornton Says:


    I loved Visionaires, so you are not the only who knows about the show. It was broadcasted every Sunday morning when I was in 7th grade, and I typically watched it before an episode from the second season of War of the Worlds, which I recorded since it aired at 2 am.

    By the way, have you or Mike seen the documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated? It delves into the movie rating system process.

    Also, are you guys making any convention appearances this year?

    As always, excellent show!

    David Thornton >>

  7. Mike Norton Rules You Says:

    This Film has not been rated is in my netflix queue. Can’t wait.

    SO far I’m gonna be at the NYC show and Wizard World definitely. Whether or not Crank comes depends on if you all collectively close your eyes and wish hard enough.

  8. Sean McKeever Says:

    Mike! Buy Crank a new microphone!!

  9. the amazing wally Says:

    well there goes the question i was about to send in
    i really wish that a large con would come to the boston area.

  10. Sam W Says:

    Mike I also believe that not enough man power and resources have been devoted towards the forward of teleportation devices. We need to stop putting gabillions of dollars into war about oil and focus on the important things such as this.

    Also we should all start wearing silver jump suits if we ever want to achieve “the future”.

    *Ninja 4 life*

  11. Paul Says:

    Whenever I think of Nicholas Hammond, I think of him in Sound of Music, stomping his feet and shouting out “FRIEDRICH!!!!” when the kids were introducing themselves to Julie Andrews.


  12. crank! Says:

    Wait … that was Hammond? I never made the connection (although I’ve seen that movie more times than possibly decent).



  13. crank! Says:

    David: I havn’t seen This Film is Not Yet Rated but it sounds interesting … Mike is indeed doing some cons (like the NYCC) but the only thing I have planned so far is the Fangoria show here this month.

    Drew: thanks for the head’s up …. I really liked the first season of Eureka.

    as always … thanks for listening folks,