Crankcast Episode 68 – 012307

Re-purposed me!68 and hatin' it.

I'm not gonna kid you … this show was completely random and we got more into techno babble than anything else. We did finally give up though … rejoice and be merry!


Feat. music clips by Denny Blazin Hazen and Chainsaw Kittens.

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Episode 68 – Time: 50min. – File Size: 22.9mb

23 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 68 – 012307”

  1. G. Noel Gross Says:

  2. Taber Says:

    I must have this Mastadon Burger. I actually had a burger yesterday which shot to the top of my “Best Burgers” list at a place here in Madison called the Weary Traveller. It’s called Bob’s Bad Breath Burger. It’s definitely truth in advertising as I’ve brushed my teeth 4 times since eating it and I can still taste it. A definite destination if you guys ever feel like crossing the state line again.

  3. Jenny Says:

    It’s the pretzel bread that makes Kuma’s burgers so fantastic. Steve and I talk about going on Check Please all the time. I stopped listening after that.

  4. groble Says:

    sweet jesus, you guys nearly killed me when you said you were quitting the show

  5. groble Says:

    hang on a second didn’t mike say white isn’t a colour? isn’t white every colour. don’t you make white light by mixing all the coloured lights

  6. Idatedcarmenelectra Says:

    I don’t have a podcast

  7. Idatedcarmenelectra Says:

    Whats wrong with michigan. Its a state filled with hard working auto-workers who are all currently laid off and have time to listen to podcast. Mr. Norton by dissing michigan you could be alienating a huge audience; by the way I would buy a 40oz The crankcast beer, heck I’d buy 2 one for me and one for my dead homies…. woodchuckrules

  8. keith cunningham Says:

    It’s true. Black is the absence of color says those college classes I took in color theory.

  9. Will Says:

    I like the colour blue.

    I’m not British but I wanted to talk all fancy-like!

  10. Will Jibaja Says:

    Crank and Mike, I, like Idatedcarmenelectra don’t have a podcast but enjoy yours.

    P.S. Crank, as Windows user as well switching to Ubuntu
    You might be interested in the following podcasts to help get your geek on.

    Linux Reality – Great info on all thinkgs Lings broken down to specific topic to get all geeky
    Rss Feed:

    Fresh Ubuntu – A windows user that switch to Ubuntu, another good resource
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  11. Mike Norton Rules You Says:

    Anybody that’s gonna pretend the DIDN’T know what I was talking about with the whole “white” thing and argue the whole “it’s really all the colors combined” semantics thing should really just go to a star trek message board to debate whether a warp drive could actually run on dilithium crystals… You know what I meant so SUCK IT.


  12. crank! Says:

    I still hate mike.

    dot com,

  13. Mike Norton Rules You Says:

    I’ma kill you, ya longhaired freak!!!

    with love.

  14. Nando Says:

    I thought black and white were values not colors… but yeah I think everybody got what you were saying…

  15. keith cunningham Says:

    We pick on you because we love.

  16. Robbi Says:

    My bad on night club…

  17. Mike Norton Says:

    Don’t you dare act like you messed up, Robbi. You ruled that book like a mongul warrior.

  18. crank! Says:

    Baron (bless his storytelling soul) just gets a little abstract at times, conceptually.

    Either that or I’m just a clod that can’t understand a sentence longer than three words.

    Either will work,

  19. crank! Says:

    Noel: Since no one else commented on it I have to … you displayed what I was talking about admirably, I thank you.

    Taber: We should come visit one of these days …. Mike can drool over your media gear and we can do a remote show.

    Jenny: you stopped listening shortly after I did

    Idated … : would you buy a 22oz of crankcast beer?

    Will: how are you doing with the transition? Do you use Adobe apps and if so what are you replacing em with or how are you running them?

    thanks for listening folks,

  20. groble Says:

    I just rented strings, and wow. just wow. it’s like the never ending story for the new generation. i’m so glad you mentioned it on the show. amazing

  21. keith cunningham Says:

    I saw Strings a few months ago. The thing that was amazing about it to me, is that after a half hour you really stop noticing that they’re puppets.

  22. groble Says:

    yeah and after an hour they have that puppet sex scene which is totally hawt.

    I was blown away by the sheer depth they had gone to in creating this entire puppet world, the way they gave birth had no basis on the story being told but was put in and added so much detail to the world.

    the gates, the using of body parts, the preserving dead bodies as statues, the woodworm riddled puppets.

    amazing, that was som serious john malcovich stuff

  23. Idatedcarmenelectra Says:

    …uh.. My girl drinks 22s’ so thats cool. Oh, by the way check this out its not the studio edition but it might be kinda cool. “woodchuck” rules. {thats a hard apple cider brewed in vermont and pretty gosh darn tastey.} Hey theres a topic for future shows beer; good beer bad beer experiences, and more Scotty Young… PEACE!!!