Crankcast Episode 79 – 041107

Rabid Grannies, Beware! Children At PlayGrah!

This week on a 79th episode of the Crankcast that still doesn't understand that GEICO caveman commercial … we talk about flattened rats, puppy's stair trouble, learning to draw on a computer and then we read listener email.

Feat. music clips by National Pool and Les Breastfeeders.

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Episode 79 – Time: 77min. – File Size: 36mb

23 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 79 – 041107”

  1. Sean McKeever Says:

    Pizza and candy. GREAT diet, Mike.

  2. the amazing wally Says:

    Yknow I knew I shouldve elaborated a little more on the enhanced podcast suggestion.
    I was thinking album covers of the music that appears.
    Maybe dvd or movie images when Taber is on.
    stuff like that.

  3. Sam Wells Says:

    It must be an epidemic. Just two weeks ago there was a dead rat directly in front of our house, just after the curb. What’s killin all the rats?

    I think it’s Megadeth.

  4. vorpal keith Says:

    This episode crushed my hopes that my metal song “Gears of Whore” would ever be a success.

  5. Leigh Webb Says:

    Mike can you post the link for the Shazam coloring guy?

    look forward to hearing more on how your going with the cintiq (has the price come down yet? I’m looking to buy one)

  6. Sean McKeever Says:

    You mean Future Comics, Crank?

    I swear I saw something public about Lim’s next work. Something for DC or Marvel, but I can’t remember what…

  7. crank! Says:

    You are correct sir, it was Future Comics … I remember they had some radical ideas that would’ve been neat to see come to fruition.

    Wally, I think I got the gist once Mike explained to me … it’d be a neat thing for sure, I’ll have to look into it.


  8. Will Says:

    Just so you know, if you keep on schedule…

    Episode 100 – 9/5/07
    Episode 104 – 10/3/07
    Episode 125 – 2/27/08
    Episode 150 – 8/20/08

    PS I just ran this through Excel…

  9. crank! Says:

    Schedule! Of course we’ll keep on schedule … give or take a few days … I hope.


  10. Chris Neeson Says:

    Link to Steve Hamaker, the colorist of Shazam:

    Great podcast guys!!!!

    CiCi’s sucks by the way. Graeter’s rocks.

  11. Miles Says:

    Hi guys.

    I was looking into how to add enhanced features to audio podcasts the other day
    and came across some info that might be helpful.

    This explains what the features are .

    I’m pretty sure you need the use the .m4a or .m4b standard to have the enhanced features.

    Also.. I think this needs to be done with a mac.. or so says this info .

    I’m macless so i cant test this out. but i think you guys said Mike has a mac to you may be able to get it working.

    a good example of an enhanced podcast is .

    and some animated podcasts

    — >
    — >

    That was interesting to see Shazam being coloured too.

    Anyway. hope these links are of some use.
    Thanks again guys. great show.

  12. Josh Flowers Says:

    Sean, do you wake up in the morning and call Mike to see what your schedule for the day is? I bet he has a shelf behind his art desk of your old year books.

  13. crank! Says:

    Thanks for the linkage Chris, I’m starting to think Mike comes here like I go to the CGS forums!

    Miles, that’s useful info, thanks. I like how in the Chapter tool info they stress like 5 times that you need a mac and it’s only AAC. I guess they wanted to make sure we knew. I know I pride myself on jumping on shiny new tech like someone does their prom date but I think I’m gonna play wait and see with this for a bit.

    Mike is officially not stalking Sean.


  14. Josh Flowers Says:

    How about unofficially?

  15. multiple john Says:

    Cranks’ movin’ on up to the east side to a deluxe apartment in the sky. Cranks movin’ on up he’ll be writing Mikes comics at D.C in no time. He’s movin’ on up.

    Hey, the Crank. Nice job.

    Mike stalking Sean: forget about it. If I was Dan Didio I might be worried.

  16. crank! Says:

    Man … I just realized that I probably made it out like I was writing Iron Fist or something.

    I was just excited because it was my first thing like this published and it turned out neat … but it’s just a 4 page short in an anthology.

    Sorry if there was any confusion, but look out for my next project “Iron This”.

    I keed,

  17. multiple john Says:

    No confusion, I’m just being jokey. It’s still pretty cool if you ask me. Sounds like there is something else you’ve done that was published.

  18. crank! Says:

    I’ve done a few covers for HACK/slash, did a coupla backgrounds for Norton covers once long ago (just some minor pseudo-technical diagrams) some album cover stuff and ghosted a ton of art corrections and such, that most folks working in production do to get a book out.

    I think my next, next, project will be an adaptation of Spectres starring Blue Oyster Cult.



  19. multiple john Says:

    Awesome I love.. “Don’t fear the reaper”… Hey that reminds of this a relatively great{compared to most t.v. mini series} Stephen King mini series from the Nineties “the Stand”. I think it was the theme for “the Stand”. Good song.

    What it is thees… thees…thees “Spectres” you speak of?

  20. crank! Says:

    Oddly enough … Don’t Fear the Reaper was on the album Spectres by B.O.C which came out in … umm … 77?


  21. crank! Says:

    I lied … Godzilla was on Spectres …

    Don’t Fear the Reaper was on Agents of Fortune.


  22. multiple john Says:

    That is why I listen to the crankcast.. Be Cranky!!

  23. brian Says:

    What was the computer program that you guys (mike) downloaded and talked about? I’d listen to the podcast but I’m at work right now, anyway thanks.