Crankcast Episode 80 – 041807


This week on a Crankcast that wants extra butter on it's popcorn … Taber pops in, fresh from the Wisconsin Film Festiva, with tales of might and wonder. There's a ton of Grindhouse related talk before we move on to the Festival experience and wrap with emails (sorry, no Goldwalken this week).

No music this week, we ran long.

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26 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 80 – 041807”

  1. vorpal keith Says:


    I’ve sooooo got to agree with you about art school kids. I went to an art school, and I wanted to punch pretentious people every day.

  2. Crowley Says:

    Mike was right:

    Game of Death had 40 minutes of footage, but they stopped filming of Game to allow Lee time to film Enter the Dragon.

  3. Taber Says:

    Indeed Mike seems to be correct. He died after filming Enter the Dragon, and before it was released. All of his previous movies taht were made in China were released after Enter the Dragon’s success and Game of Death was cobbled together from whatever footage existed. Which brings me back to me point that Finishing the Game is not a very good movie and squandered an opportunity to tell a rather interesting story.

  4. vorpal keith Says:

    Would it be blasphemous for someone to try to remake Game of Death, or a touching tribute to a great man’s vision? Discuss.

  5. G. Noel Gross Says:

    “Art to an artless form.”

    Et tu, Taber!?!

    Thankfully Crank was there to defend the faith.

  6. Crowley Says:

    At the risk of going art school…
    I’m going to defend Taber here…

    “Art to an artless form” I interpreted as Tarantino bringing a
    level of respect to a genre that was consider to be trashy through homages within his own art.
    Similar to what Warhol and Lichenstein did for commercial art and graphic design.

    The forms were not “artless” per say… but they were seen as artless among
    Johnny Public and other Sanjaya lovers.

  7. Leigh Webb Says:

    it a shame the U.S. version of Thank God you’re here isn’t good, it seems the U.S. versions uses actors, where as the Australian version used Comedians (who were good at improv).

    I found it funny that Mike doesn’t like Tarantino and Smith converstion dialogue, as that pretty much what the Crankcast is!

  8. crank! Says:

    a) I’m gonna hazard a guess that nobody asked Tarantino to bring a level of respect to a genre that didn’t need to be ‘justified’ … it was quite happy as it was.

    b) Johnny Public can suck it

    c) Warhol knew he output schlock and reveled in both it’s acceptance and his ability to make it cool by saying it was cool … he was creating scenes as as much as art

    d) I never understood Lichtenstein’s appeal – as far as I could tell he was appropriating others’ art and getting money and accolades for doing it


  9. crank! Says:

    Sorry … I’m grumpy today.


  10. Sal! Says:

    Man, this is two episodes in a row with a cranky Norton. I know it’s the ‘Crank’cast, but yeesh. Everything okay big guy?

  11. G. Noel Gross Says:

    I’d no more take the curmudgeon out of Mike than the hermit out of Crank.

  12. Mike Norton Says:

    Suck it!

    He even edited out my rant about car sales people… Don’t get me started on my opinion of Tim Seeley and Patrick Brower right now.

  13. Taber Says:

    The “Art to an Artless form” remark wasn’t meant to belittle the films I/we love and cherish. I believe my intent was that the films that Tarantino are so influenced by are films that in the 60’s/70’s were largely dismissed by critics, yet somehow Tarantino is able to take all of the elements of those films and make movies that are so-called “critic’s darlings.” Thus making many high-brow critics hypocrates.

    This is a subject that is true to my heart. As a kid (and even now) I was the biggest fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, which I thought despite some pitfalls in parts 5 and 6 were always well directed and capably acted, only to have critics and parents telling me it’s junk. I thought these films were “art” in my eyes. and still do. So when anyone involved with these movies went on to do something more substantial I always felt that I knew they were talented before anyone else. Directors Renny Harlin, Chuck Russell, Stephen Hopkins, writers Frank Darabont and Brian Helgeland, and of course Johnny Depp. (One will argue with Renny Harlin, but he’s made some great action movies) So when people who start off in genre “junk” go on to bigger things, I feel vindicated.

  14. vorpal keith Says:

    I have to agree with you, Taber. One of the things I couldn’t stand while being at film school was how the term “postmodern” was bandied around as an insult for anything that had an influence by what came before. I, personally, would much rather be postmodern than avante garde and up my own rear end with how profound and pretentious I feel I should be.

    Critics darlings be damned. I want machine guns, karate chops, cool cars, big splosions, scary monsters, good laughs, buddy cops, helicopter fu, and hot chicks sometimes . . . . . . . and other times I want something else entirely.

    I believe that it was Mike Myers (the comedian, not the serial killer) who argued “There is no high art. There is no low art. There’s just art.”

  15. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Clarification accepted, Taber.

    BTW: Heather Langenkamp still makes me feel funny in my no-no zone.

  16. crank! Says:

    Yeh sorry about the edits Mike … we ran really long. Look for it in the Crankcast “Greatest (s)Hits” cd coming from KTel.

    Taber, I wasn’t really trying to bust your balls or anything, I just get a lil techy sometimes.


  17. crank! Says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention the other thing about Highlander: the Source that actually did piss me off … you don’t fuck with Queen.

    If you’re going to cover a Queen song it had better be good and this soundtrack sucked.


  18. multiple john Says:

    If the crankcast is like any kevin smith joint it would have to be clerks.

    Another thought, if the crankcast is like a kevin smith project then the smodcast is not only a crankcast clone: its a strange homage to himself.

    Hey the Crank! Amen…Amen. I’ve heard nothing but bad and worse things about the Source but I didn’t here about a bad Queen cover. That was the only thing cool about the franchise anymore.

    One more thing, just started playing a trial of world of warcraft, and it freaks me out.

  19. multiple john Says:
    Check this out.

  20. the amazing wally Says:


    I’ve sooooo got to agree with you about art school kids. I went to an art school, and I wanted to punch pretentious people every day.

    I am in total agreement with crank! on this one too. around where i live we refer to them as “group 6 kids” or “group sixers” since the large college nearby has all of thier art department in the group 6 building.
    actually my friends GF and my others friends BF got into an almost entire evening long “im artsier than you” type argument.
    good lord.

  21. crank! Says:

    I really do get bitchy sometimes don’t I?

    It’s not that I hate folks that go, or have gone, to art school.

    Some of my best friends are artists. *grin*

    It’s like anything I guess, there are those folks who adopt affectation and think being a pretentious asshole is a good thing and it’s all over from the punker than thou’s and the brutal metal kid, to the literary student that thinks anything that isn’t Joyce is crap and the asshole with a podcast named after him that spouts a lot of bs.

    Hah! (see what I did there? With that last bit? I turned it around on myself!)

    I guess it’s just easy for me to use art kids as an example b/c I’ve run across so many of em … and I’m totally jealous I never went to school, I admit it.

    Now having said all that, I still want to punch people when they act like that to me.


  22. crank! Says:

    Oh yeh and MJohn, I think that game looks awesome and it’s a multiplayer to boot … I wish I had the time to dive into it.


  23. multiple john Says:

    I think we all can be in agreement that as of this episode the show is really living up to its name.

    Kevin Smith suck on that!

    Hey Mike Don’t let those car salesmen get you down. Most importantly don’t let them see you lose your cool. They prey on that like wild dogs.

  24. vorpal keith Says:

    Don’t worry Crank. We still love you.

  25. the amazing wally Says:

    I was listening to The Deconstructing Comics podcast and they were saying that the Pathfinder movie and grahpic novel are a simultaneous release. Maybe thats why noones ever really heard of it. Though I couldve sworn that that movie came out already around wintertime last year or something to that effect, Taber?

  26. vorpal keith Says:

    It was originally scheduled to be released back then, but the release date was pushed back. Never a good sign.

    I’ve read the graphic novel (promotional giveaway to theater people) but not seen the film. I wasn’t too impressed with the graphic novel.