Crankcast Episode 92 – 071107

His name's John ... he's from CincinnatiHola!

This week Taber's on and we talk about T.V., Transformers the sound of velcro in 70's porn.

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Episode 92 – Time: 77min. – File Size: 35.3mb

13 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 92 – 071107”

  1. Chris Burnham Says:


    Denouement is pronounced Day New Maw. Not duh now ment.

    I think they had a different Yippee Kay Yay shot because the one used in the movie would have kinda given away the ending.

  2. Mike McAsskicker Says:

    We don’t talk your crazy french talk. you crazy french buttinski! Headpunch!

  3. Josh S. Says:

    I just got that DVR upgrade, too. I’m so glad to know that the external hard drive thing works, because I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

    But can you then take the recordings and transfer them to a computer?

  4. Taber Says:

    Hey Josh,
    You actually cannot. The DVR formats the hard drive to be used specifically with your box. If you want to use the hard drive with your computer, you’ll have to re-format it, erasing everything on it. You can’t even switch them between other DVR’s.

  5. G. Noel Gross Says:

    My kingdom for a Time Warner DVR with an equally seductive portal.

  6. Will J Says:

    the first half of Transformers was cool when dealing with Spike and Bumblebee trying to play Cupid, they lost me after the other 5 Autobots appear. It was down hill from that point.

    P.S. Taber was that big ass tree the same tree we saw in Armageddon?

  7. multiple john from cincinnati Says:

    I told you “Flight of the concords” was good. They’re back.

  8. keith Says:

    Some day I hope to die and go to Cincinattee

  9. crank! Says:

    We’re all, in someway, going to Cincinnati, someday, to die.


  10. G. Noel Gross Says:

    JFC rules. I watched the first episode and didn’t think it worth trying to keep up with, but thanks to the Crankcast, I checked out the next three in rather rapid succession. LOVE the show! Very, very Deadwood. I got my on YOU, Crank.

  11. crank! Says:

    Man last night’s episode of JFC was just …. wierd.


  12. DawnOwar Says:

    It’s weird listening in on a guy you haven’t talked to in about five years while he has conversations about things you used to know about him with people you’ve never met.

  13. crank! Says:

    The marvels of technology I tell you!