Crankcast Episode 93 – 071807

Random picture of Mike from the internet.It's short at least.

This week on an a 93rd episode of the Crankcast, that was recorded entirely on an iPhone, from the future … We recall movies we saw this weekend, Mike talks about how he's going to marry an iPhone and then yells at some nice folks who sent in emails.

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Episode 93 – Time: 33min. – File Size: 15.2mb

16 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 93 – 071807”

  1. multiple john from cincinnati Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know the second gen iPhone was available. Or did Mike hop in the millennium falcon sling shot around the sun sending himself to the future. While there he purchased a second gen iPhone then he reversed the process. Finally after returning to Chicago called Crank to give the good new. This episode is that call.

  2. Mike McAsskicker Says:

    Start making sense you fool!

  3. dave Says:

    mike, if you want to wrestle me… you win.
    just as you never ask a female her age, you never wrestle a man who can be mistaken a folklore legend (paul bunyan.) my only chance is if i throw marshmallow peeps in the opposite direction and run.

    the thing with the iphone is that when it reaches its peak, it will then become obsolete when apple releases some new kind of awesome.

    and the issue about naruto being a ninja who wears a orange jumpsuit is addressed in the series.

  4. dave Says:

    and megan fox is hot.

    don’t hate, mike.

  5. Dan Says:

    Julian, are you sure you actually had a girfriend who used to say “that’s so funny” without laughing, or are you just remembering the Scrubs episode with Mandy Moore? Or did you write that episode?

  6. Will J Says:

    Dave, I too enjoyed Megan Fox but Mike does have a point.

    She was dressed like stripper-meat. She still made the movie easy to watch at some points though.

  7. Sean McKeever Says:

    Mike stole my McShtick!

  8. Mike Norton Says:


  9. crank! Says:

    Isn’t that a razor? The McSchtick Ultra Glide or something?


  10. Chris Burnham Says:


  11. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Mountain Man Mike demands to rassle a fella AND besmirches Megan Fox’s oh-so sultry sheen?

  12. keith cunningham Says:


    Megan Fox’s sex appeal was obviously played up WAAYYYY over the top in the film.
    Still . . . it worked.

  13. Jake Myler Says:

    Hey I just discovered your podcast several episodes ago and I really enjoy listening! So much so, that I think I may have to do what I have until now thought was insanity and download all the available episodes!
    I’m the artist for a graphic novel called Undertown, and I live with my fiancee and a roomate and they’re both comic artists as well, so we have pretty much the same exact conversations about not getting enough work done over a weekend or what’s stupid about transformers. So I really don’t understand why I’d want to listen to the same conversations that I have daily- but I DO! Maybe it’s just knowing there are people out there that are living the dream!

  14. crank! Says:

    Welcome aboard! Trust me though, don’t listen to too many of the shows, they’re mostly mind-numbing.


  15. Will J Says:

    and yet strangely hypnotic…

  16. loraxxx j zynishter Says:


    a suprisingly short show…

    btw–how do you guys feel about samurai movies?–i’ve been watching the ZATOICHI movies on the IFC, and think they are really cool–i’m thinking about looking around for more–any suggestions?

    how do you guys feel about japanese movies and tv in general?–have you ever seen any of their sci-fi or super-hero shows?

    anywhoo–thanks and keep up the crank-tastic norton-osity..!!