Crankcast Episode 115 – 121807

Happy Holidaze!

pre-Crimmas episode!

This week on an episode of the Crankcast that wonders if Mike is still hungover and choking from that cigar at Patrick’s party… we talk for a bit about the new Batman trailer, why Marvel was cooler than DC when we were kids, our weekend and even some comics before we dive into holiday email.

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16 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 115 – 121807”

  1. Drew M Says:

    Mike looks as though he’s auditioning for the stage version of Reservoir Dogs…
    who you hoping to play Mike? Mr. Pink fits the bill I think.

  2. steve Says:

    Holy Crap Mike! DUCK!

    Someone has a snowflake shaped laserscope pointed at your head.

    That picture makes me frightened of Norton.

  3. Keith Says:

    I have to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I work for ten and a half hours on Christmas day . . . . but I’m not really minding it cause it’s time and a half and we’re probably going to be really slow.

  4. multiple john Says:

    Holy snikies Batman Its the Evil Elf, and the Kringle killer.

  5. Will J Says:

    Thanks Mike & Crank,

    First, you point out that I wasn’t invited to Patrick’s party and then rub salt in the wound by reminding us how uncool we are to the you fancy Target going people.

    Guess it back to the swap meets for me… I need a butterfly knife and socks.

  6. crank! Says:

    I’ll tell you a secret; before I moved here I was all about the WalMart.


  7. ShaunPatrick Says:

    Hey guys,

    great show again. But i implore you, don’t be fooled by the thought that a movie theater on Christmas day will be empty. I worked Box Office at the local Cinemark all last holiday season. Everyone is pretty much forced to work on this day. I thought “No sweat, nobody would come see a movie on Christmas day, why would they. This should be an easy time and a half.” WRONG, they came in droves. I yelled at everyone who wasn’t at home vegging. Which was everyone.

    I can understand Christmas eve. There’s nothing to do and there was about a solid ton of people per showing; Pursuit of Happyness, Rocky Balboa, Night at the Museum, Black Christmas, and Santa Clause 3 all sold out on every showing. The next day was pretty much the same.

    Well whatever, i don’t work there anymore. And i understand Crank!’s logic after working there for a year. But i’m totally seeing TDK in Imax.

  8. multiple john Says:

    I like the crankcast. The host are both engaging and witty. Smart intelligent conversation bubbles from nearly every episode. With the exception being shows that feature comments or editorial by me. On that note I have noticed a smidgen of rage by one of the host toward the audience. Dude… chill. Why all the hate? We like you we really do. We may insult you , give you less than flattering names, and even question your heritage. You are a frequent the victim of parody and flat out lies. Despite that you solder on, for that I commend you. Mike you are not just some anonymous angry grouch. You are a hero to at least dozens of people. And your a really good artist too.

    Nice job on the Acid washed track. I don’t do christmas but it was entertaining just the same as always.

    Well Crank If you are going to finally make the trip out the theater. It is a good idea to attend at around noonish. It however not a good idea on a holiday weekend. There is a reason that so many films are opening right about now. I suggest some time after all of the holiday hoopla on a weekday at around noon.

    One more thing. It has been mentioned on this show that some people are fans of big bang theory, that may be true of some but not necessarily me. I was being facetious. I’ve still only seen one episode and have no desire to see anymore. That does not mean I completely agree with your assertion that its the worst show ever or some analog of that statement. I do agree that it panders to the lowest common denominator of geek culture. I just thought it was quaint that they would do that. Its like they’re standing outside my house in the rain with radio held above their heads playing some some angtsty eighties song pleading.. we understand you please give our show a chance.

    Now after all of that I feel like this and really want to play this I can’t wait to park my bricks its been ten years I’m little backed up.
    Crank you are a pimp don’t let anybody tell you different. Hope the dates go better in the future. Hey take her to see Avp r on christmas day. Thats sure to get you some.

    Thats really the end I think the power of the warrior came over me. u dub really is somethin’. Is this crazy man enough for ya’

    Thanks for making the best “ah got nothin’ better to do podcast”

  9. multiple john Says: sorry I messed the link up.

  10. Solario Says:

    Dr. Thirteen is great. It was the backup for the Spectre series, and is basically one big, humourous sendup of Morrison’s Seven Soldiers.

    And I don’t think Wonder Woman is that big an icon. I’ll guarantee you that more people, at least around here, know the Hulk, than Wonder Woman.

  11. Heath Says:

    Keith, don’t fool yourself. I’ve never been to a theater on Christmas Day when it wasn’t packed like sardines in a can. The movies are one of the only things open on Christmas day, you better believe there’s gonna be a ton of folks there. All of them seeing Fred Claus.

  12. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Crank, I assure you, there’s no better way to spend Christmas than snuggled up a Hard-R rated Alien vs. Predator 2.

  13. crank! Says:

    Noel, I think AvPII was the movie I was thinking of that was opening on the 25th.

    Heath, thanks for the talkdown.

    Solario… I think I wasa trying to get more at characters that had a clear point they were standing for in relation to their Iconistecy (is that even a word?) as opposed to just well known.

    John John John John John John john john johnjohnohn… thanks!

    Shaun, see my comment to Heath.

    oh noes,

  14. Keith Says:

    Well, we’re a second-run theater, so we’re not going to have any of the brand-spanking new stuff. From what I’ve been given to understand the highest we’ve ever sold on a Christmas day is 700 – which is less than any average summer day for us.

  15. the amazing wally Says:

    I thought Dr Thirteen was the backup for The Phantom Stranger??

    Mike….i didnt know you were jewish?!

  16. multiple john Says:

    After all the hype I’ve decided to take the plunge. I’ve got nothing better to do so I’m watching Spice world in on demand. Thanks a lot Crankcast.

    Video games for Scottie Young. Psychonauts; designed and written primarily by Tim Schafer. This just might be the game for you. It features a funky art style that is kinda cool. Solid old school platforming in the vain of mario, sonic, ratchet & clank {another game you might dig}. And really clever and actually funny writing. Tim Schafer is known for his comedic skills going way back to the old Lucas Arts adventure games like “Day of the tentacle” “Grim Fandango” and “Full throttle”. Though I have to admit the real reason I brought up Tim Schafer is this… I mean it this time… heh heh. I’m not joking I really want to play this game. That is unless the humor in “Duke Nukem forever” makes fun of duke. Then I’m all for playing that. Considering Tims past exploits its probably not a first person shooter. So Scottie be the look out for this as well. Enjoy.

    I don’t understand this movie.{Spice world} It makes no sense. Maybe I should pay attention when they speak. Heh heh. Thanks Crankcast.