Crankcast Episode 126 – 030608

See you guys again soon.McKeever strikes back!

This week on a rambly episode of the Crankcast full of more crazy than last week… Sean McKeever joins us to talk of re-upping, reading, NIN and more. And then there’s email!

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17 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 126 – 030608”

  1. Nando Says:

    Kill your boyfriend is the best thing Grant morrison’s ever written in my opinion, and Girl by Milligan and Fegredo is an all time favorite as well :)

  2. Dave Says:

    “fresh off the boat” means that the person is a new immigrant.

  3. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Cocksuckers. Season 3 of Deadwood is awesome.

  4. Will J Says:

    Bless you Mike Norton! THANK YOU! Every time I hear Mr Young (whose book recommendation I’ve liked) calls some Young Adult book a “Big boy book” it makes me laugh.

  5. Thomas Katers Says:

    I want some royalties off this alley bear thing.

  6. keith Says:

    All the talk of music in this episode reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to ask you, Crank. I’m a film student, and I was wondering if there’s any way I could use the music of Sono Morti in my film for this semester?

  7. crank! Says:

    Nando – I really need to go back and read the stuff I’ve re-found… I don’t think I even remembered GIRL until I came across it again and while I remember KYB I don’t remember the particulars.

    It’ll be like reading them again for the first time.

    Dave – I don’t even remember what that’s in reference to; I was a little drunk.

    Noel – Season 3 of Dead wood had it’s moments but the finale was a letdown, whether they thought they might be able to eventually wrap it up in features or not.

    Katers – it’s gotten a lot more mileage than you thought it would, huh?

    Keith – I don’t see that as a problem… I just need to clear it with the other guys. Shoot me an email about it.


  8. Gordomatic Says:

    Sorry that I interrupted the recording of the episode. I had just discovered Skype that day and was stumbling my way through it. None of my friends are on Skype and I was randomly trying names and when I double clicked on your name it automatically dialed you.
    Now I understand the decorum of IMing first. Duh…

    Funny show , thanks again. …does my picture really make me look weird?

  9. keith Says:

    Okay, what’s the email?

  10. Nando Says:

    In the words of the coca cola company…enjoy

  11. brian o. Says:

    What podcast did McKeever mention as something to check out while Around Comic is on hiatus? I didn’t get a chance to jot it down and I tried wading through the show to find it but damn, you guys did a long show this week! Anyway it was great to get an XL crankcast this week, thanks.

  12. skottie young Says:

    Haha, it’s funny how sensitive everyone is. I would never want to hint towards comics being for kids…that’s just a crazy notion and I should be killed for thinking such.

    And if you guys go back and re-listen to old shows of AC, Chris is the person who started calling my choices “big boy books”. I found it equally funny that my choices of books about teleporters and vampires would be labeled “Big Boy Books” and so I took his phrase and applied it to everything.


  13. crank! Says:

    Gordo – no worries, I didn’t even remember that happening until I just read this. (I also can’t remember the picture) I was probably just startled b/c I’d never gotten a random call from Skype before and I didn’t recognize the caller.

    Keith: shoot it to the crankcast@gmail address and I’ll get it there chief.

    Brian, I can’t remember. I’m sorry but by the time I get done editing the show my brain explodes and flushes out the previous few hours. Mike said it was called ‘Alter Ego’ though.

    Skottie, don’t be so sensitive about sensitivity you girlie man.

    I love you.


  14. multiple john Says:

    Great show as all ways guys. Hey crank could this be you in 30 years. Assuming you and or the world has not gone kaput by then.

  15. multiple john Says:

    Speaking of t.v. this was one network in 1980…one!! What the f@#% happened to t.v.

  16. JasonT Says:

    Wow, I think I remember seeing that when it was on. Are those promos even made any more?

  17. Gazer Says:

    Cable. Cable happen.