Crankcast Episode 127 – 031208

Challengers  Comics and ConversationOk it’s funny… this show was almost going to be two hours long. You owe me.

This week on a Mike-less episode of the Crankcast… Patrick Brower drops in to lend me a hand and talk about his new comic shop opening at the end of the month. We also read a butt-load of email…

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Episode 127 – Time: 69min. – File Size: 31.6mb

8 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 127 – 031208”

  1. Will J Says:

    And for those as click happy as I am thats…

    — and —

  2. crank! Says:

    crap… yes I’m awful at remembering to link things in posts.

    Thanks Will!


  3. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Gimme two tabs of whatever Patrick’s on.

  4. Dave Says:

    i see no problem with having the show at 2hrs.

  5. Leigh Webb Says:

    Patrick is good podcasting, you should get him on more often.
    although I do like the guys who run my local shop (they let me put a around comics/crankcast/worballoon flyer in there window) Challengers sounds like it would be a great store to shop at. it is added to my list of stores for when I do my world tour of comic book stores

  6. Ben Says:

    It’s weird that I was listening to some old Crankcasts where you guys had pizza on consecutive episodes and were talking about not having certain franchises and someone asked about mail-ordering frozen Chicago-style pizza and then I listened to this episode and you’re talking about buying frozen Chik-fil-A sandwiches.

    Anyway if no one sends you one through the mail I’ve heard that McDonald’s has a chicken sandwich that kinda tastes like a Chik-fil-A sandwich. I’ve never tried it since I can just go to Chik-fil-A.

  7. crank! Says:

    It’s true, food is one of our constant topics.

    That could explain why I’m large.


  8. Henrik Says:

    I normally prefer the guest-less episodes but this was one of the best Crankcasts in a while