Crankcast Episode 150 – 20080821

not our Sean McKeeverMcKeeverized!

This week on an exciting episode of the Crankcast starring video game writer Sean McKeever… we meander a bit as Sean talks about gambling, Twin Peaks and Mike’s mom, then we discuss Kirkman’s mission statement for a bit before moving on to emails.

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Episode 150 – Time: 71:33min. – File Size: 32.8mb

4 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 150 – 20080821”

  1. Sean McKeever Says:

    It’s been announced (en EspaƱol):

  2. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Mike can monkey with the “time” and bpm to record longer in GarageBand.

    Or just upgrade to version 3, which has a nifty podcast option.

  3. Steve Copas Says:

    Island Empire is slow and painful, and I love Lynch movies

  4. Crowley Says:

    Can you guys show off the Blue Beetle drawing?