Crankcast Episode 151 – 20080827

The Lone ParisLegend of the Lone Paris.

This week on an amazed, saddened, technical and artistic episode of the Crankcast, fraught with dropped calls… crank gets to mix classic hits and Chris Moreno gets to draw Paris Hilton while Mike mostly plots the demise of the show.

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Episode 151 – Time: 68min. – File Size: 31.2mb

6 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 151 – 20080827”

  1. multiple john Says:

    STOP NORTAN SAVE MIKE NORTON! STOP NORTAN SAVE MIKE NORTON! STOP NORTAN SAVE MIKE NORTAN! Let me explain what happened on this weeks episode. I believe it started some 30 odd years ago when mike started in school. He was uncoordinated and had fragile ankles so his classmates made fun of him that i believe was its birth. Later bad experiences with girls and alcohol in high school and college caused its seed to grow. Now critics and fanboys have caused it to fully mature…. Mikes ID is lashing out. Yes his ID you know like in the movie Forbidden Planet. Instead of destroying an entire society it just wants to ruin Mikes pod-casting career. I’m calling it Nortan for now. So, how do we save mike you ask? We can’t save mike the man he’s too far gone but we can save mike the podcaster. Keep listening to the crankcast no matter what mike says or does don’t stop listening. Remember he is not in his right mind anymore.
    You can also help by buying his comic and his art. ….BUY IT!
    I know you don’t believe in Nortan but he believes in you.

  2. Jon Doe Says:

    I believe this is Intro worthy—>

  3. Henrik Says:

    Best. Crankcast. Ever!

  4. G. Noel Gross Says:

    One Night in Lone Paris.

  5. crank! Says:

    It could be evil universe Norton… except he’d not have a goatee.

    Would you believe I’ve got Doggy-poo on DVD?


  6. multiple john Says:

    Somehow I’m not surprised.

    Save Mike Norton!