Crankcast Episode 152 – 20080903

Death Race 2000Uh-oh.

This week on a Nortonless, but otherwise engaging, episode of the Crankcast… Taber’s on to talk about Death Race 2000 and other important events in his life, while crank just rambles a while before trying to read an email.

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Episode 152 – Time: 83:20min. – File Size: 38.2mb

15 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 152 – 20080903”

  1. JMRinguet Says:

    Cool Tabercast guys. Fun to listen to.

  2. jmah Says:

    Spy Hunter was maybe the game you were thinking of?

    This was a great show to listen to. I really enjoyed the movie talk, especially the box office and movie company insight. I found myself thinking “Really?” or “I didn’t know that” a lot. Good to know what caused the Netflix slowdown those few days ago.

  3. multiple john Says:

    Rock on Taber! Your the man now dog. Lets see oh yes chronicles of riddick is pretty cool. It’s like conan in space. I would like to see more of that…however I did see Babylon a.d. this weekend I saw no reviews no clips besides what was in the preview. It was rather cool initially. The bleak near apocalyptic world the movie was set in was quite interesting. It really gave you the feeling the end was near. It felt like there was no hope… no hope of saving what started out as a fun jaunt through the end of the world but turned into the worst piece of $%!# I’ve seen all year.

    You watch the first half thinking wow this isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. The beginning of the second half was solid though you feel things seem to be happening faster than before. Just before the movie ends you’re thinking it better not end here. what it’s over huh what happened? NO explainations that are completed. No real ending. No point to any of it. It just real stupid. And I feel dumber than usual because I paid to see it.

    In conclusion, I know what happened to Mike. He saw this movie and his head exploded because of pure righteous anger. On another note I missed that big lug this week. Hope things are well. Unless he went to supershow. than he’s a punk… o.k. not really.
    goodonya’ crank for check’n out the netflix


  4. Sean D Says:

    Man… New “Wizard of Gore” — really bad. Really wanted to like it. Crispin has some great moments, but over all even his huge code piece could not save this flick.

    I have REC sitting on my table, need someone to watch it with. Cant get myself to watch it alone.

  5. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Best movie talk yet. Who knew Mike was the party pooper?

    Congrats to Taber’s nuptials. Way to man up.

  6. David Thornton Says:

    Congrats on your engagement, Tabler!

    As always, many thanks for a great show :)

    David Thornton >>

  7. Taber Says:

    Tabler? Sounds like a lame superhero with electric sanders for hands that’s able to smooth down any surface into a respectable area in which a person could enjoy their lunch. “Is that tree trunk too askew for you to set your pitcher of fruit punch upon? Have no fear, The Tabler is here!”

  8. Jason Lovin Says:

    I think the video game would be twisted metal.

  9. the amazing wally Says:

    I think the game that you guys were talking about is Roadblasters.

  10. multiple john Says:
    classic car chase action.
    Personally; I love the theme song, and the German subtitles.
    The game they described was pretty much every driving game with guns. Its the standard game mechanic for a game like that. Take your pick they are all the same. The games definitely Carmegeddon by the way.

  11. Taber Says:

    It was Roadblasters that I was trying to think of, but there are a ton of games like it.

  12. Henrik Says:

    Grrrrr! The Dogma concept is Danish not Dutch! The Danish people are from Denmark the Dutch are from the Netherlands, two different countries.

    Sorry, it just annoys me when people confuse the two. :P

  13. David Thornton Says:


    D’oh! Sorry about that, Taber. Guess I shouldn’t try to type while I am eating.

    Again, congrats and I hope you are able to launch your podcast soon. I’m always in need some good movie recommendations.

    David Thornton >>

  14. crank! Says:

    Roadblasters was it for sure… I kept remembering that littled winged thing that would drop your weapons onto your car.

    Thanks for listening folks,

  15. mellon Says:

    good episode guys, didn’t know how the lack of nortron would be, but you managed to do okay. don’t let this happen too much more tho, can’t have mike thinking he’s not needed :)