Crankcast Week 182 – 20090401

Mayor Dillonthe man, the myth, the Mayor of Flint!

This week on a supa-fresh episode of the Crankcast that’s probably not enough to make up for missing last week… Mike and I are joined by Marshall Dillon to talk of the BSG finale, some movies, some comic junk and other odd bits.

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10 Responses to “Crankcast Week 182 – 20090401”

  1. Terri D Says:


  2. Fil Silva Says:

    As a current fast food worker and someone in their mid twenties with a college degree the worst thing about fast food is the customers themselves just like a retail job. I’ve had plenty of “discussions” with customers over the littlest thing that any five year old should realize is really trivial. Also, it was cool to hear Marshall again and keep up the good work Crank! and Mike.

  3. G. Noel Gross Says:

    I’m with Crank. Mixed emotions on BSG. Mostly bad. Angels? Ugh.

  4. Paul Says:

    Chris Moreno killed by a Gymnastic Assassin!

  5. thebizzz Says:
    This for norton no… this is for all of us.
    People from flint are crazy.

  6. Christian Otholm Says:

    Goddammit guys, is this the shitty TV-show episode? It just makes me angry. BSG’s ending was retarded (God? Fucking God? This is a Science Fiction show, not the Bible. You can have allegories, but having God fix all your problems is lame. Giving up technology is seriously the worst idea, I’ve ever heard. You don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Also: Learn to write down, you idiots. If you remember, you’re less like to repeat your mistakes.) Heroes is a terrible show.


  7. thebizzz Says:

    I’m disagreeing with you about idea of giving up technology, but these people have spent the past 4 years cooped up in space ships being chased and killed by the very technology they were giving up. Lets also remember this is a society that gave up the internet decades before {network technology} the were used to the idea of giving technology up and technology did in fact kill their civilization.

  8. Burnham Says:

    God Christ I can’t believe ANYONE liked that shit. To have 2 people on one show that delusional is fucking insane.

    Using that god-awful “angel or something” explanation for THREE characters is just plain unacceptable. That finale seriously made me wish I’d never started watching that show.

  9. Branden Says:

    Burham: well, all of those characters had been called angels at one point or another in previous seasons/episodes. And religion(s) have always played a key part in the show. So why surprised now?

    Christian Otholm: there are plenty of science fiction stories that have a god in them. I don’t get your point.

    thebizz: you are not right about them giving up internet (Galactica was the only ship not tied into the network, which is why it survived) but I can imagine after being nearly eradicated and stalked across the universe by your creation would give me a reason to give up what I new before and get intouch with nature.

    But what does giving up technology mean? A pencil is as much a piece of technology as the internet in that they are used to transmit ideas in your head to someone else’s head. Even the Amish have a level of technology. I’m not even sure that technology=evil is the point. Human’s had created intelligence in its own image but didn’t respect the Cylons and treated them as tools. The Cylons, like any sentient entity struck at their makers to assert their “humanity”. Not making this the issue is weakness of the show, IMHO.

    Having written this I’ve come to agree with Chris, in that not only would EVERYONE give up technology, but it would be impossible to do so as we are hard-wired to use use their surrounding for their benefit.

  10. Christian Otholm Says:

    Hiiii Branden, I’m Solario on other boards.

    There are plenty of Sci-fi that have God in them, but they don’t use it as a solution, unless it fits the internal logic of the story (like say, The Nine Billion Names of God.) Or they’re just terrible stories. Having God solve your problems usually isn’t good storytelling (I say usually, because I quite like Animal Man, and that was pretty much what happened there.)
    But the ending of BSG was a Deus Ex Machina in the absolute worst way possible. The characters were static and didn’t have an active role in the matter, and that’s just poor writing and plain uninteresting. They imply throughout the series that there are believers, but they don’t explicit the existence of a God until the last episode. There’s no real setup and that’s just frustrating.

    And I often wonder how most writers define technology. Language is a technology. Sticks as hunting tools are technology. It’s about as vague as the definitions of pornography and art. I’m with Branden, this should have been more Frankenstein, less what we got.