Crankcast Week 183 – 20090408

It's Buddy!But Charles! We’ve got a bible study with the DelFluvio sisters!

This week on a laid backepisode of the Crankcast that just cruises right along… Mike and I talk about some recent TV, Charles in Charge, a couple of movies and then some email!

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Week 183 – Time: 53min. – File Size: 24.3mb

5 Responses to “Crankcast Week 183 – 20090408”

  1. Branden Says:

    On God and BSG: the god as portrayed in the show was anything but omnipotent. The show has always been about repeating cycles, and in the last show it basically said that this god was playing the law of averages and hoping that the problems in the human society work themselves out through successive tries.

    I can understand if you identify God as the Judeo-Christian idea of him, but clearly this show sees it differently. In practice this version of god is perhaps “more powerful” than mere humans but not, again, omnipotent.

  2. Christian Otholm Says:

    I’m sorry to disappoint you guys, but…

    (Which was an awesome game.)

  3. the amazing wally Says:

    Valiants “Shadowman” also played the sax.

  4. Mike Bagby Says:

    Hey Mike, you do know that Skullmonkeys was an awesome PS game from the late 90s, right? Doug TenNapel created the concept, which was basically running around fighting bigass monkeys with skull heads. Sorry to drop this on you.

  5. crank! Says:

    I really like Doug Tennapel.

    I forgot all about Shadowman… wasn’t he a voodude or something?