Crankcast Week 198 – 20090724

It's the Comicon Again!San Diego. We’re not there.

This week on a mercifully short episode of the Crankcast… We talk about not being at the SDCC, the second annual Chris Makepeace day, 20th Century Boys and Pluto before diving into some email!

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Week 198 – Time: 43:30min. – File Size: 20mb

6 Responses to “Crankcast Week 198 – 20090724”

  1. Cameron Rice Says:

    Crank, I enjoy the fact you watch ABC Family, I can’t make fun of you however, because I to am sucked up in an ABC family show, that being “Secret Life of the American Teen” so bad…but I never miss an episode…oh so bad.

  2. crank! Says:

    Yeh but have you seen the intro to ‘Make It Or Break It’?

    Wost thing ever.


  3. Spooky Says:

    Crank do you read 20thCB and Pluto in your preferred way?

  4. luckymustard Says:

    i’m from cincinnati/dayton and i was told by a person from seattle that i sounded like i was from chicago.

  5. G. Noel Gross Says:

    I feel the SDCC pain. Have to go back next year.

  6. crank! Says:

    @spooky: magic yoda 8-ball says… most probably, yes?

    @luckymustard: it must be a degree of western separation; the further out you get the closer the state you sound like is.

    @Noel: I kinda wish I woulda just stayed there one year.