Happy Chris Makepeace Day 2009!

Happy Chris Makepeace Day 2009!Happy Chris Makepeace Day 2009!

This week’s show is running a little late, but we still wanted to wish you a merry Chris Makepeace day. Now go watch My Bodyguard or Meatballs or something.

5 Responses to “Happy Chris Makepeace Day 2009!”

  1. W jibaja Says:

    How does one celebrate… Do you go for a run saying to yourself “quick like a rabbit, quick like a rabbit”?

  2. Matt Says:

    Oh man, already? It sneaks up on me every year.

  3. crank! Says:

    I’m going to say that one traditionally celebrates with Soda, pizza and (duh) Meatballs. One also watches some movie with Chris Makepeace in it.

    I do like the idea of making a run with the mantra of “quick like a rabbit” part of the tradition. Could you imagine a whole crowd doing that? In headbands and short shorts?


  4. the jam Says:

    Leave to you to make yet another a unnecessary yet some how compelling holiday. Man you’re full of it……I mean ideas.

  5. Spooky Says:

    Happy Chris Makepeace day to you too, crank!