Crankcast Week 205 – 20090911


This week on a boombastic episode of the Crankcast…Mike and crank! talk Crank: High Voltage, Taber’s wedding and the Windy City Comicon, amongst other things.


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Week 205 – Time: 46min. – File Size: 21.1mb

15 Responses to “Crankcast Week 205 – 20090911”

  1. Spooky Says:

    It worked! Both episode, 204 and this one, played without a single repeat. Thanks! Great episode, and by the way I loved the part in Crank2 at the electricity generators or so. Don’t want to spoil anything, but that was a neat surprise.

  2. Leigh Webb Says:

    the 24 hour podcast should be timed around something you can talk about alot. like last time it was the start of the TV season(and that was good to listen) so either the start or end of the TV season or the start and end of Summer movies.

  3. Paul Says:

    And Sean McKeever needs to be there so Mike can do a 24 hr Waiting Place comic. :) He needs to be on the Crankcast sometime.

    And Mike not doing the Black Canary? Doesn’t DC know he has a ModBook to pay off?

  4. Zac Says:

    Who does that friggin’, “do you wo wo wo” song?

  5. G. Noel Gross Says:

    What!?! That’s the most we hear about the Taber union? There was traffic?

  6. Dan Capitumini Says:

    The woo woo woo was hilarious, I sing that to my wife to cheer her up.

  7. Dan Says:

    Having gone through the planning of a wedding recently, I can say that a surprising amount of effort is put into where to seat everyone for dinner, and each plate costs anywhere from $20 – $100, so parking issues or no, RSVPing yes to the reception and then not showing up is a pretty big wedding etiquette faux pas – (that’s French for “dick move”). Surprisingly, showing up to the reception but not the ceremony is more accepted. I don’t believe Taber minded that much though, he was just surprised. It was good to see you both regardless. You did, however, miss Tim getting plastered to the point of dropping the tuxedo pants. Come to think of it, that may be nothing new.

  8. luckymustard Says:

    fyi, this one repeated for me. i think the last one was ok, 204.

  9. Ian Says:

    Ya, this is the third week in a row the episode’s started over again half way through. No clue what’s up.

  10. MIke Norton Says:

    Dan, listen very closely…

    fuck you.


  11. Pete Repeat Says:

    Hi Crank and Mike.

    Crank! I got to download weeks 203 and 205 with no repeats from that link you put up “. thanks for that.
    I was also able to use getright to download from those links.

    Anyway. good show as usual.

    And an hour and a half of buggering about with traffic in a city you don’t know is enough of an effort.
    I would probably do the same thing

  12. Matt Says:

    Didn’t Crank (the film) rip a scene off from the Losers?

  13. Dan Says:

    Tone never comes across in writing, so sorry if I sounded like a dick there – I didn’t mean to. In the episode, Crank seemed genuinely interested in listener feedback on whether or not it’s more acceptable to miss a ceremony rather than a reception, so that’s why I was writing. My attempt at light-hearted joshing may have fell flat. Anyhow… enjoyed the show, see you soon.

  14. Dan Says:

    Stump or Stump eh… In Austria and Switserland I know those tree stumps are in a corner of bars and such. I have never seen anyone play it somber. So guess you guys played it authentically. Well, I never seen somber people in those ski-resort bars in the alps anyways.

  15. Dan Says:

    Is everybody called Dan?