Week 206 – A Funny Thing Happened On The Way TO The Crankcast…

I wanted to tell you a funny story about how I decided to head for Chicago at the last minute and broke down half way between here and there, having to then battle my way back to Cincinnati fending off hordes of feral rabbits and rabid ferrets, but I can’t.

Maybe I wanted to tell you a sad story about how I’m now hooked on DDO and I’ve spent every waking minute of the past week leveling up, but I can’t.

The truth is that we did record this week, but I can’t get it to sound legible and it was too late in the week to do it again.

It’s strange, I could understand the conversation while we were doing it, but it’s a garbled cell-phone nightmare now.

That’s really a shame, because we talked to Patrick Brower of Challengers (comics AND conversation!) about the pre Windy City Comic Con party and he told us a great story about his first car.

My apologies.


7 Responses to “Week 206 – A Funny Thing Happened On The Way TO The Crankcast…”

  1. Michael Says:

    This is totally off-topic, sorry, but I just saw “Hot Rod” (based on Taber’s recommendation some episodes back) and god-DAMN — what a great movie. Thank you, Taber!

  2. luckymustard Says:

    that is a shame :(
    hope technical stuff gets fixed.

  3. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Crank: Level up in Fallout 3 instead.

  4. Will J. Says:

    (Kicking everything with reach)

  5. Leigh Webb Says:

    thanks for letting us know.

  6. Spooky Says:

    Don’t sweat! When one of you dies, this episode will be on a “forgotten archives” or “greatest hits” CD/Blu-Ray/Holo-slimes…

  7. Fil Silva Says:

    Yeah, level up in Fallout 3 and find a real D&D group it has to be way better than the online game.