Crank Is Everybody’s Dad

Crank is Everybody's Dad by D.C. Stuelpner

“Crank is Everybody’s Dad” by D.C. Stuelpner

This was hilarious, thanks for sending it to us. -crank!

2 Responses to “Crank Is Everybody’s Dad”

  1. alphatrope Says:

    Is this the new T-shirt? I want an extra small for my girlfriend so I can see Crank’s face stretched across her big boobs. Maybe that’s not such a good idea, because then I wouldn’t want to touch them.

    That’s pretty sweet.

  2. crank! Says:

    I’d love to say yes, but no.

    Like we’d ever follow through if we said it was anyway.

    Thanks to Mr. Stuelpner you can at least imagine it though.