Crankcast Week 241 – 20100521

Arnie.It’s Arnie!

This week on the Crankcast…Hopeless is on and we talk about Arnold, Willy Wonka, a convention and email!


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Week 241 – Time: 68min. – File Size: 31.2mb

3 Responses to “Crankcast Week 241 – 20100521”

  1. alphatrope Says:

    “Didn’t they cover up nudity with black bars….?”

    I immediately had the Benny Hill theme running through my head.

    When I first heard Ronnie James Dio died, I thought they were talking about a famous serial killer. Then I remembered who he really was. Made more sense why so many people were broken up about it.

  2. Will J. Says:


    ROFL, Hopeless hating Jack Albertson’s character was hilarious.

  3. @jibajaw Says:

    Oh, I just remembered, you can subscribe to Qwitter ( that a service that will e-mail you when people stop following you.

    Used it for a while but stopped when I decided it wasn’t that important.