Feed Problems And Apple Users.

Hiya folks,

We seem to have been having a couple of issues over the past week or so.

The first is looking like it’s related to a recent update from Apple for iPods and iPhones. Symptoms include the software locking up when it hits our mp3. This appears to happen with our older episodes as well as newer ones and I havn’t found a clear explanation for it online yet. I’m still seeing if there’s anything I can do from this end to help.

The second issue was our RSS feed disappearing into spam. As far as I can tell that was something odd going on with Feedburner (the place we used to route our feed) and the only option I could find to fix it was to stop using them. The old feed address should now be redirected to the site’s feed address http://crankcast.net/?feed=rss2 . If your podcatching software doesn’t update soonish you can try and manually input the new address.

Sorry for the oddness,

2 Responses to “Feed Problems And Apple Users.”

  1. Stuart Haddad Says:

    Thanks crank, http://crankcast.net/?feed=rss2 seems to work fine. You mastered technology.

  2. Will J. Says:

    Not your fault, Its the new APPLE os that made the feed screwy…