Crankcast Week 262 – 20101014

He's Back!Baxter, P.I.

Welcome to another exciting year of the Crankcast…Mike tries to remember both last week’s New York Comic-Con and the 24 hour Comic Day from the week before that (see the Curse II here!). We also talk a little TV. Email!


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Week 262 – Time: 72min. – File Size: 33mb

3 Responses to “Crankcast Week 262 – 20101014”

  1. Don Says:

    Yeesh…I only said he “threatened” to eat the baby. Didn’t know it would warrant such a response.

    Sounds like repressed baby eatin’ guilt to me.


  2. @jibajaw Says:

    Hahaha, autotuned Mike Norton is the best!

  3. Thomas Says:

    Welcome back, and YAY for Curse II.