Crankcast Week 266 – 20101110


This week on the Crankcast…Dennis Hopeless and Kyle Strahm join us to ramble a lot before reading some email. Dennis and Kyle worked together on one of the stories in HACK/slash: Trailer 2 which should be in stores next week (I think).


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Week 266 – Time: 82min. – File Size: 37.6mb

18 Responses to “Crankcast Week 266 – 20101110”

  1. shaun daniels Says:

    I do not know what is with your podcast if I don’t shorten your episode titles, your podcast becomes ebedded into my iPod or iPhone and the only way to get rid of them is to reformat the device AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. shaun daniels Says:

    I meant nothing by those spaces not sure how that happened

  3. Thomas Says:

    Best! Episode! Ever!

  4. crank! Says:

    That’s really strange. I’m sorry but I have no clue why that happens.


  5. Razorburn2021 Says:

    Haven’t finished the episode, so I don’t know if this has come up yet, or if you’ve talked about the site before. However, in the spirit of Kid Goodrock, may I present…

  6. shaundaniels Says:

    No worries it’s my fault for forgetting To change the tittle, I love the show by far my favorite podcast and if you drink to many dukes it should be called you got Bill Duke’d

  7. marshall dillon Says:

    Love it when people give MIKE shit!
    LOOOOVE these guys.
    I wanna buy them beers.

  8. luckymustard Says:!/myPDFscripts

  9. WJD Says:

    Kyle Strahm needs to be on the show more…you should play a theremin behind him though.

  10. shaundaniels Says:

    I agree Kyle should be on again

  11. @jibajaw Says:

    Amazon have the paperback but not the electronic version for the kindle. Sorry.

  12. Razorburn2021 Says:

    It’s decided then, Jibajaw. You will purchase the paperback and have it mailed to a secret location where Bill Duke will voice an audiobook version. This “alpha” version, if you will, will then be emailed to Crank!.

  13. PHH Says:

    Hello. Where can I find the mentioned Mike Norton webcomic? Keep up the great work! Cheers

  14. crank! Says:

    @PHH : check it out!


  15. Chris Burnham Says:

    YES! Best episode in quite awhile. Hilarious four-way dynamic.

    Ball-busting, non-non-sequiturs, call-backs… this one had it all.

    Strahmboni… whycome you ain’t mentioned that you penciled much of Amory Wars #6, ya jerk?!?

  16. D.C. Says:

    I’m a guy. Sorry.

    Don’t often check twitter but I did happen to see Crank say something about shaving on a specific day of No Shave November. The only logical conclusion was that it was his birthday.

  17. Kyle Strahm Says:

    Oh, man. Look at these kids playing Batman:

    Burnham, that would have been a good thing for me to talk about. You should be on the show and mention it.

  18. Brian Says:

    Can we get marshall dillon and kyle on at the same time? Or would that give Mike a rage aneurysm?