Mike Has a Theme Song…

Mike's back...again.Hey-yo!

Thanks to one Brian Day, Mike can now do his Spidey3 strut down the street in time to a tune.

It’s odd.

4 Responses to “Mike Has a Theme Song…”

  1. Devyn Says:

    I have it stuck in my head already.
    “Looking for dat booty
    So much booty to be had”

    Pretty funny.

  2. Patrick Brower Says:

    Aw yeah, “Rock Candy!!”

  3. theamazingwally Says:

    Best. Theme Song. Ever.

  4. Spidey13 Says:

    Ronnie Montrose & Sammy’s Hagar have both filed lawsuits against Norton…for noise pollution and violation of state and federal decency laws.