Crankcast Week 310 – 20110914

Punchin the noggin.It’s about the heart.

This week on the Crankcast…Blair Butler and Kevin Mellon are on to talk to us about their new book HEART (I lettered!) and some other MMA sporty goodness. Blair split so we continue to just ramble about this and that.

HEART’s in Previews now with the order code SEP110360. It’s coming out through Image and I believe it hits stores in November.

Mike’s going to be in Cincinnati this weekend at the Cincinnati Comic Expo on Saturday the 17th.

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Week 310 – Time: 66min. – File Size: 30.3mb

4 Responses to “Crankcast Week 310 – 20110914”

  1. Paul Says:

    Love the talk at the end about the Tony Moore compound. Why do I see cute Katie Cook critters fleeing for their lives…

  2. crank! Says:

    Can you imagine Gronk with an AK?

  3. Bruce Says:

    Crank, i can’t wait for your review of Harry & The Hendersons: the Novelization!

    Mike, i swear i’ll do better on Circus Peanuts next time…

  4. crank! Says:

    Did you leave the surprise bonus in the book or was that already there? (see Week 311)