Crankcast Week 311 – 20110921

Punchin the noggin.Turn to page 124…

This week on the Crankcast…after the Cincinnati Comic Expo we recorded a late night show at the lovely Moore Estate with Katie Cook, Luke Smarto, Kara Moore, Tony Moore, their daughter Emmy-Lou and their friends Ashley, Brett and Dustin. It was a lot of fun and some highlights included Katie’s wierd Con/Hotel stories, talk of the Robot Uprising, Picard vs. Luke Skywalker and monkeys.

Katie and the Moores will be at the Detroit show this weekend.

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Week 311 – Time: 86min. – File Size: 39.4mb

8 Responses to “Crankcast Week 311 – 20110921”

  1. Paul Says:

    The Art Bizzarothar moment : “Turn to page 124, Aw Yeah….”

  2. Bruce Says:

    I had no idea there was a cock/cat in that book! I am so sorry…

  3. crank! Says:

    Hahaha, no worries…it was a funny surprise.


  4. Ben Says:

    That story about the couple with the puppet scared the shit out of me.

  5. luckymustard Says:

    when i was 5 years old i would get a coney without chili, cheese, and onions. i learned.

  6. Thomas Says:

    Oh my, crank! left his house!

  7. crank! Says:

    @Ben: And the puppet people will one day rule the earth.

    @luckymustard: you’d get a hot dog with mustard?

    @thomas: it’s true!

  8. Paul Says:

    Did Mike eat the Cincinnati chili?