Crankcast Episode 65 – 010407

Look ... Blue Beetle's backThis week on a retiring 65th episode of the Crankcast that's basically a commercial for the Wacom Cintiq and Second Life … Crank goes to Mike's place to borrow his TV and they manage to squeeze in a short show …
Hey, they shot their wad last week.


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Episode 65 – Time: 30-ish min. – File Size: 13.6mb

12 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 65 – 010407”

  1. keith cunningham Says:


    On the pajama pants issue . . . I agree completely. I used to see that stuff on campus at school all the time.

    Probably why I was so frustrated with college. .. everyone wanted to play sleepover instead of actually taking classes. . . but anyway. . . .

    Put on pants, people! Real pants.

  2. Mike Norton Rules You Says:

    So, your problem with college wasn’t college, it was kids in pajama pants?

  3. Sean McKeever Says:

    Manuel Garcia did my Mystique stuff.

    Dude, my niece told me that that’s the big thing to do now with the pajama pants. She wanted new slippers for Christmas for her to wear to school. I don’t fucking get it, and I don’t get why schools are tolerating it.

    I was on Second Life for a couple days. It worries me. The only cool thing about it is the object creation engine. Other than that, it’s very much just a virtual world where you can fly and gamble and stuff.

  4. keith cunningham Says:

    My problem with my college was that it was a beaurocratic nightmare and they were constantly changing the degree requirements in media res as it were. You’d start going in one direction scheduling classes to match, and then those classes were no longer valid and so forth. Nightmare.

    Also, kids in pajama pants. Darn slackers. There should be a bare minimum level of grooming required to be out and about. . . . one of those things should be putting on pants.

  5. the amazing wally Says:

    for some reason i have no idea why when itunes downloaded the most recent podcast it cut off the final 7 minutes.

  6. crank! Says:

    Wally: really? Like it stopped abruptly an all that? Man, even now that we’re on iTunes we’re having a dilemma.

    Sean: Will you be my SL friend?


  7. keith cunningham Says:


    Are you saying that you can’t fly around in the real world?
    Have I been doing something unusual?

  8. Asgardian Says:

    I love it when Keith and Sean start rambling like cranky old men: “you kids in your pajama pants…GET OFF MY LAWN!!!”

  9. keith cunningham Says:

    I am a cranky old man. So what if I’m 22. :-P

  10. cookie juice Says:

    This one time when i was a kid, i swear this other kid had a juice box that said “cookie juice” on it. it had a picture of cookie monster on it too,, it blows my mind to this day!

  11. the amazing wally Says:

    crank!: thats exactly what it did. fortunately i was able to download the episode from the site and hear the rest of it.
    itunes hates you apparantly.

  12. Drew M Says:

    These kids today with their “Hippity Hop” and their irrational use of the English language, who can understand what they’re sayin’ anymore. I sure as hell can’t! They all think that the internet is a dump truck, when we all know that the internet is a series of tubes leading to a guy sitting in a room with a Cisco router…