Crankcast Episode 66 – 010907

Go Sean!Get your kicks on Episode 66!

This week on a Crankcast not nearly as wierd as a roadside attraction … DC exclusive writer, Sean McKeever, comes by to talk about the iPhone, being exclusive, comics we're reading and (just a bit) Rocky Balboa!

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Episode 66 – Time: 75min. – File Size: 34.4mb

21 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 66 – 010907”

  1. keith cunningham Says:

    Okay, I thought it was just my lazy ass family that used to cheat and kneel down in front of that Nintendo pad and beat on it physically. It’s comforting to know that this is a bit more universal than I thought.

    Also, Crank, I’m not sure “I’ve never had a problem with his work” counts as gushing.

  2. keith cunningham Says:

    Groble! I’m gunning for your job!

  3. groble Says:

    32:53 – best laugh ever

  4. groble Says:

    I’m not sure when it happened but Crank has become a lot more confident with this presenting thing, he was very entertaining on this show. I liked the part where he asked mike why he was making it about him. genious.

    keith will never steal my job

  5. Jenny Says:

    First of all, the Wii-mote is dangerous. I’m glad Groble is back, no one else compliments my eloquence. Will you please send us a voice-mail with your Jude Law story?

  6. groble Says:

    I’m glad you didn’t think it was creepy unlike some people (I’m looking at you McSellout)

    hmmm we’ll see about the voicemail, but for the jude law story just go and watch The Holiday

  7. groble Says:

    ooooh McTraitor I like it

  8. keith cunningham Says:

    I shall, Groble. I shall!

  9. Sean McKeever Says:

    Damn, I was talking over Crank like a motherfucker. Sorry, Crank.

    Burning Elmo:

  10. Will Jibaja Says:

    McKeever exclusive to DC! No! No more Waiting Place!

    Waiting Place 3: The Revenge… no more!

    How will the industry survive!?

  11. Will Jibaja Says:

    Congratulation! And I look forward to reading you in the pages of DC, Mr. McKeever!

    Crank and Mike keep up the good work!

  12. the amazing wally Says:

    nope im not wally rose.
    but i am the same amazing wally on the cgs forums though i dont post much there.

  13. keith cunningham Says:

    I’m sure Waiting Place 3: The Revenge is a better title than Waiting Place 2: Electric Boogaloo

  14. Mike Norton Rules You Says:

    I’m declaring a moritorium on anything “________ 2: Electric Boogaloo”.
    That joke’s older than Crank’s mom.

  15. keith cunningham Says:

    I think Mike just pwned me. . . Not owned, but internet pwned.

  16. Asgardian Says:

    Congrats, Sean!

    I’m a big Mac geek, but I’m with Crank: the AppleTV seems completely useless to me. There’s no way in hell that I need ANOTHER box to hook to my TV just for the privilege of buying movies through iTunes instead of playing the DVDs I already own. The only way I would have considered it is if they’d included DVR capabilities so that it would replace my TiVo.

  17. keith cunningham Says:

    I’m also going to put a moritorium on myself. No more using the term pwned.

  18. crank! Says:

    Wow … lotta comments.

    Keith: I’m lazy so it’s only natural I wouldn’t bother actually running for a game, I only run if something is chasing me … and I wasn’t gushing, honest.

    Groble: You are now the proud holder of the title of first person to ever call me genius that wasn’t me. Congrats and welcome back!

    Jenny: you know we love you, even if we have a hard time expressing it by saying you are eloquent … Groble was just being creepy. I keed, I keed … b/c I love. I’m overflowing with boundless love.

    Sean: no worries, you were the guest. I can ramble any time.

    Will: what we didn’t say is that I’m actually going to write “the Waiting Place: a Return to Snow” under Sean’s direction, thus loopholing the contract. Again I keed … it’ll actually be “Waiting Place 3: Godot Arrives! (and has a drink with Guffman)”

    Wally: don’t let not being Wally Rose mislead you, thanks for writing just the same

    Mike: I still hate you … and saying something is older than my mom is older than your mom.

    Asgardian: are we just geeks? I mean c’mon … the thing looks crippled and useless when you could just get a mini to do the same thing.

    ever yours,

  19. Miles Says:

    Some fun shows guys. thanks again.

    You havent played Wii yet? very fun.
    I’ve only tried out the sports games that come with the system
    and the other mini game pack that comes with the extra control.
    Tennis and baseball are probably the most excercise.
    10 pin bowling is a heap of fun with a few people.
    havent got to try zelda out but have seen my friend playing it..
    cool puzzles and all the little gadgets and gizmos you expect from a zelda game.

    good luck with

  20. Miles Says:

    oh yeah, the emulation of sega mega drive and pc engine games is handled very well.

    bonk’s adventure and devil crash pinball.

    i think i remember you talking about comic zone too?
    that was pretty fun when i played the rom a while back.
    its you basic 80’s side scroll punch repeat routine but done quite well.
    the moving from frame to frame looked good..

    i recomend just seeing it in action if you havent.

    someone might have made a utewb vid up or something.

  21. Miles Says:

    cool, found a vid where someone goes through the whole game.

    Comix Zone – – >

    there were a few other vids there too.. anyway check it.. pretty amazing for its time.