Crankcast Episode 67 – 011707

Asobi SeksuThis week on a 67th episode of the Crankcast that really should've won best actress in TV series … Damn You America Ferrera!

Chris Taber joins us to talk about where he's been the past few months and his picks for best & worst movies of 2006.

Finally, Mike will read more listener email in that funny accent of his.

Feat. music clips by Nun and Asobi Seksu.

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19 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 67 – 011707”

  1. Taber Says:

    I felt I should clarify that Gregory Dark has directed many non-porn movies in the 90’s under his real name, Gregory Hippolyte, but they were all direct to video erotic thrillers, mostly starring Shannon Whirry. See No Evil is his first (and probably last) theatrically released feature.

  2. Dan Says:

    Well thank God we got that cleared up.

  3. keith cunningham Says:

    Thank you Taber!
    Finally someone else who liked Stranger than Fiction as much as me. That’s a brilliant film.

  4. keith cunningham Says:

    As far as See No Evil goes, I was working projection the night the film came in and I assembled it. . . so I had to stay and screen it afterwards. I got paid to watch that movie.

    I still felt I paid too much to watch it.

  5. G. Noel Gross Says:

    The end of SEE NO EVIL sounds fantastic. Thanks for the tip, Taber.

    Gregory Dark’s a goldang genius — if only for directing Shannon Whirry as double-your-pleasure twins in MIRROR IMAGES 2.

  6. groble Says:

    oh great now my calendar is marked all wrong. you guys owe me for a new calendar

  7. groble Says:

    hey hey.

    I like Datemovie. and when the trailer came on for epic movie i laughed my head off. I Love these parody movies.

  8. groble Says:

    oh and taber it is easier to get xbox live buddies if you give out your xbox live user name.

    i’m TheGroble so feel free to add me :)

  9. crank! Says:





    Exclamation points denoting excitement can help cover lack of something intelligent to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m dumb,

  10. Jenny Says:

    The best Michael Caine movie is: The Muppet Christmas Carol. One of my most frequented websites,, has a comparison of Children of Men and Idiocracy Also, I didn’t hate Nacho Libre, shut up all of you.

  11. groble Says:

    wow crank you excitable little fellow you!

  12. keith cunningham Says:

    I shit you not the other night I had a dream that they made “Muppet Christmas Carol 2: Caroling Harder with a Fist of Vengeance” No one believes me, but that was my dream.

  13. Will Jibaja Says:

    Everyone, let’s thank Keith for sharing! Keith, you’ve made an important step by acknowledging you have a problem.

    (just kidding)

  14. rick Says:

    Have you seen the Karate Kid inspired music video at ? It was directed by and stars William Zabka. Unfortunately, the song is absolutely dreadful.

  15. keith cunningham Says:

    Believe me, I’m well aware I have a problem. :-)

  16. skottie young Says:

    I wish to god I could call in during the show because I got your back all day long on Clerks 2 Mike. HUGE PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!

  17. Taber Says:

    That video is either the best or worst one I’ve ever seen. What’s with Matrtin Kove as the Road Warrior? Also, that one dude who says “Put him in a body bag!” I believe that’s the same dude from the film, and if so…what the hell!?! He looks like a burn victim! Song is bad, but catchy and shall make an appearance on “The War Hero 2.” I would like to see more cinematic output from Billy Zabka. He’s got potential.

  18. Paul D. Storrie Says:


    I got your back — Key West was AWESOME!

    Stephens and Tilly were great. Plus, the mayor was played by Denise “Tasha Yar” Crosby.

    I was down in Key West a year or so after the show ended and even went by the building that was used as the newspaper set. Yeah, I’m all kinds of geeky.


  19. woodchuckrules Says:

    The worst worst film of last year was a Jack Black movie just not Nacho Libre. “The Pick of destiny” was by far the worst movie I paid to see. I like Jack I really wanted to like this movie, but in truth its almost as bad as episode 53..