Crankcast Episode 81 – 042507

Jane ... don't listen to the Crankcast Jane!Bringing ear strain since 05.

This week on an 81st episode of the Crankcast that wonders where Jenny the Announcer Girl's been … Mike and crank continue their love/hate relationship with Heroes before moving on to the startling revelation that Painkiller Jane actually is pretty bad. Mike gets his new car and crank goes topless. All this and more! (emails, that is)

No music this week either, enjoy the silence.

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Episode 81 – Time: 51min. – File Size: 23.5mb

24 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 81 – 042507”

  1. Drew Says:

    I demand to help in the “Save the Sunglasses, Save the World” arc of the crankcast… I demand pictures of the dearly departed, so I might begin work on the search for America’s Next Top Sunglasses contest.
    .: drew :.

  2. Chris Burnham Says:

    Damnit. When I said “like, Scottie Young style too much” I meant as in the way he went back to the beginning and listened to every single episode… something I would only know from listening to way too goldarned many of your podcasts.


  3. crank! Says:

    Oh c’mon … you know you’d want a “Two Skottie Style” t-shirt … right? Right?

    Forgive us, we are mentally challenged most nights.

    Pictures of the departed glasses will be forthcoming.

    Save the Eyewear, Save the World,

  4. vorpal keith Says:

    To be followed by the “Someone sees, someone pees” storyarc?

  5. crank! Says:

    We’ve sorta been doing that already with the Ninja potty training talk.


  6. Thomas Katers Says:

    I am glad you enjoyed the Creepers.

  7. Jenny Says:

    Where the h is the part where you talk about me? How did I miss it? Was it during the lynx conversation, because you know I skipped through that.

  8. Jonix Says:

    Heroes is like a mediocre fanfic with altered names, but it’s presented so well that I can’t not watch.

  9. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Rumor is Mike’s rendition of “Jenny From The Block” was cut from this week’s show.

  10. vorpal keith Says:

    In some ways I feel like Heroes is a bit like Ultimate Spider-Man. It’s not Watchmen. . . . but I sure as hell am enjoying it.

  11. Mike Norton Says:

    Tom… I should’ve thanked you on the show! But thank you so much for the Creepers… The color of rain is… DEATH!

  12. multiple john Says:

    Heroes made me laugh {almost} uncontrollably this week. It is really dumb but, it’s really fun.

    Hmm… isn’t Thor dead? Funny. A dead fictional character still does better with the ladies than me.

  13. crank! Says:

    I’m starting to think of Heroes as the casual date.

    I mean you can get together and have a good time, but you aren’t under any obligation to see it the next week.


  14. loraxxx j zynishter Says:

    stand aside, GOLD-WALKEN, and tremble before the awesome power of THOR-TON!!

  15. multiple john Says:

    THOR-TON! Huh. I kinda like that. Perhaps we will see a cool illustration coming in the near future?

  16. Will Says:

    Can I be Clor-ton… I’d like that.

  17. crank! Says:

    Is that like if you crossed Cloris Leachman with Mike?


  18. multiple john Says:

    A haggard old woman of 6’5″with a mustache. A bad hair cut and a worse accent. Split personalties; because she is not only Thor, but Jane as well. Oh…Almost forgot. Huge breast…really huge. Always complaining about his/her friend “the ROCK troll” never leaving his cave, and that none of the “Warriors Three” ever invite him/her anywhere cool.

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist.

    On another note; say what you will about Painkiller Jane. Kristanna Loken is smokin’!!!

  19. loraxxx j zynishter Says:

    but who would win in a fight? PAINKILLER JANE, or THOR-TON (with his mighty mechanical uru pencil–.005mm lead?)

  20. Leigh Webb Says:

    Thor-ton was incredible funny, but does it violate Mike’s exclusive with DC?
    if not can we then have Ed Norton’s Hulk vs Mike Norton’s Thor?

    speaking of Ed Norton, there was a Brad Pitt movie (seven years in tibet) screning in Fight Club, so Mike’s name in the credits of the Atom doesn’t disprove anything. So Mike Norton could still be Vorpal Keith’s Tyler Durden. the crankast and every other podcast that that same sounding Mike Norton and Chris Crank appears on could all just be a figments of his imagination done to uphold his belief that Mike Norton is his friend. Keith has even gone to the trouble of creating this website in his mind, and the video podcast. the real Mike Norton could be a four foot two bald man who lives in Seattle, and has never had his car stolen.

  21. vorpal keith Says:

    Oh no. Mike’s my other personality!

  22. crank! Says:

    I thought Mike was the mechanicl body that carries me Krang style?

    I guess in this case that would be crank style, but I have no style without my sunglasses dammit.


  23. vorpal keith Says:

    Ironically, in the cartoon the mechanical body was the one that wore the sunglasses.

  24. Will Says:

    I alway thought you two more as a Master Blaster symbiotic relationship.