August, 2011

Crankcast Week 308 – 20110831

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011


This week on the Crankcast…we’re joined by Brandon Jerwa and Marshall Dillon! We jabber a bit about this and that before settling into some talk about Jerwa’s new documentary on comics that he’s trying to get funded via Kickstarter. Sounds interesting, check it out.


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Week 308 – Time: 70min. – File Size: 32.1mb

Crankcast Week 307 – 20110826

Friday, August 26th, 2011


This week on the Crankcast…is a much livlier one. Taber’s back to talk about movies and a couple of games.

Cheers, all!

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Week 307 – Time: 70min. – File Size: 32.1mb

Crankcast Week 306 – 20110817

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

blahrgBlah blah, blahggety blah.

This week on the Crankcast…aside from some Intern hilarity this is mostly a skipper. I’m sorry about that. There is an email. Sorry…

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Week 306 – Time: 50min. – File Size: 22.9mb

Crankcast Week 305 – 201108010

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

More Action!Action Deux!

This week on the Crankcast…It’s Wizard World Chicago time again! The Fearsome Four Star Fusiliers join us as Tim rants about Wizard World priorities, they try to pawn off their intern and we read some email.

There’s also a new Double Feature out! It’s Action 2 with the stories "Liar" by by Gabriel Hardman and Corina Bechko plus "Dr. Good and Spaceboy" by Shannon Denton and Andy Kuhn. Check it out!

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Week 305 – Time: 71min. – File Size: 32.6mb

Crankcast Week 304 – 20110803

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

it's BobI actually like Terrence Mann as the tv show’s Bob better then the book version.

This week on the Crankcast…Tim’s on a rant again; this time about people being stupid. Mike makes fun of the Four Star Intern and then there’s Burnham. We also have email!

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Week 304 – Time: 65min. – File Size: 29.8mb