January, 2006

Episode 17 – 020106

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

I'm both godless and hollow! Ain't I a stinker?We’re only 17 … but we’re old enough for you, don’t worry.

This week Mike discovers the power of Goji Juice while crank! gets excited by the new Moon Knight, Mike shows off some comics he forgot he owned, we talk about the Call of Cthulu game and crank! grills Mike on his fake comic company.

Feat. music by Tock and Necrokloverchaun.

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Time: Approx. 47min
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Episode 16 – 012506

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Itty Bitty Ditty Bag!16 with a fresh permit … rocka rocka!

This week we’re joined, again, by the mysterious Tim Seeley as we record from a brand new location … the couches in the living room!

We talk about Tim’s new project and how hard it is to be jerk when you’re the one in charge.

We also go over the merits of G.I.Joe the Movie, a strange superhero teamup, Infinite Crisis #4 (holy crap I tell you!), and Jenny the Announcer’s birthday at a divebar. 

Feat. music by Bad Religion and the Descendents (I know, it was supposed to be Nick Cave but I goofed, such is life).

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– crank!

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Episode 15 – 011806

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Nothing to see here, marvel along ... Golden Globes nothin … this is the Crankcast!

This week we’re joined by media afficionado Chris Taber to talk of King Kong Lives, the wedge he’s driving between Mike and his S.O. with an appliance, and his picks for best films of 2005.

Music by Asamov and H2O.

Comments, mail and friendship are, as always, welcome.

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Time: 57min.
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Crank needs help!

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

Crank's Silent Hill Entry


I don’t usually do this.

It’s for a poster contest Sony is holding for the new Silent Hill film.

I don’t expect to win but I’d like to feel like I made a good showing

Click that link at the top and hit vote now if you think it’s ok …. I’m sorry to do this but they have wierd rules of popularity geared to High School students rather than working folk.

thank you for your time,

Episode 14 – 011106

Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

Grace Park - Boomer in Battlestar GalacticaQuarantined!

This week Marshall Dillon joins us as we talk about Battlestar Galactica, what’s going on in comics, what Marshall does to them and some listener email.

Music by Divebar and the Vladimirs.

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Episode 14
Time: 60:55min.
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