January, 2014

Crankcast Week 434 – 20140129

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Dana, mistress...Dana, mistress of the ragingly obsessive search for her sister’s killer!

This week on the Crankcast…we ponder the mystery of the internet, characters that announce themselves constantly, old RC cars with claws and more nonsense.

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Week 434 – Time: 70min. – File Size: 32.1mb

Crankcast Week 433 – 20140124

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Those aren't pillows!Those aren’t pillows!

This week on the Crankcast…Tim tells trippy tails, Mike and Jenny judge art, crank stops using shampoo and there’s an email!

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Week 433 – Time: 60min. – File Size: 27.5mb

Crankcast Week 432 – 20140114

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Nien Dumb!This week the icon is totally appropriate…

This week on the Crankcast…we talk some sorta-tech stuff in the beginning prompted by connection troubles, then Marshall Dillon joins us and we wind up talking about lettering a bunch b/c 4-star kept cutting out. And we got an email!

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Week 432 – Time: 77min. – File Size: 35.3mb

Crankcast Week 431 – 20140110

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Nien Dumb!Just not into it…

This week on the Crankcast…it’s super rambly, talking about Image Expo, Point Break, Saving Hope and other nonsense. And an email!

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Week 431 – Time: 54min. – File Size: 24.8mb

Crankcast Week 430 – 20140103

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Nien Dumb!Were they all puppets? Even Lando?!

This week on the Crankcast…Happy post-New Year! We discover that Nien Nunb wasn’t real, Emmons thought AT-ATs were, Sean wraps his Decembond project and Tim’s never read Longshot.

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Week 430 – Time: 77min. – File Size: 35.3mb