May, 2006

Crankcast Episode 34 – 053106

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

X-Men: The Final StandX … X … X … IV!

This week on a Spoiler filled 34th episode of the Crankcast, guaranteed to break box-office records … Taber's back with a new job & a new Xbox 360 … ready to talk about movies both good and bad.   The guys chat about X-men: the Last Stand & Mission Impossible 3.   Finally there's more arguing about tv series finales before reading some listener e-mail!

Also, here's the banner Mike talked about last week and somebody wrote in this week asking after:

Let em know whose side you're on!

Music by American Heartbreak and Beat Happenning.

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Episode 34 – Time: 63min. – File Size: 28.9mb

Crankcast Episode 33 – 052406

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

Their Lives Are Their Own ...33! Mike's an old man!

This week, on a year older but not necessarily wiser 33rd episode of
the Crankcast…

We celebrate Mike and Mr.T's birthday by… well, by doing nothing.

Tim Seeley's back to hock some more blasphemous comics he wrote as
well as share his opinions on Moon Knight issue #2 (Man, does Crank
not like it!)

And finally the guys talk about The Masters of Horror and Crank rants
about how comic creators' personal lives are none of our business.

Music by the Pipettes and the Subway OST.

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Episode 33 – Time: 83min. – File Size: 38mb

Crankcast Episode 32 – 051706

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Mike's a Pamp!32 … also … as well.

This week on a jet-lagged and sunburnt episode …
Mike returns to us only to find that notmuch has changed at the Crank Compound … but he brought presents!   We talk to you about our thoughts on the recent E3 news and the building of an arcade in the Compound.   Finally crank will bore you with his accounts of season finale madness.

Music by Kaimoku and Bradley.

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Episode 32 – Time: 54min. – File Size: 24.8mb

Crankcast Episode 31 – 051006

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

One Two Three ... Comedy!31 … crap! The shows as old as I am now.

This week, sans Norton, you get the pleasure of meeting Sam Wells, co-DDP mate, and Liz McArthur, sketch comedian, as we discuss the movie Kairo, share some drinks and get separated. Mike sends us greetings from Hawaii and we read more of your emails.

Music by Racine and the Hydeouts.

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Episode 31 – Time: 52min. – File Size: 23.9mb

Crankcast Episode 30 – 050406

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Hawaii! It has volcanos ... 30 and moving!

This week on a delayed, but freshly relocated, Crankcast we talk to you about moving and why it sucks. Crank shows you his poor knowledge of insect taxonomy and mountain pollution. Mike tells you about his trepidation of going to Hawaii (he's on his way now!) and we read more listener email … we appreciate that, by the way, so send more!

Music clips by Country Church & the Crotch Rockets and Eric Kauschen.

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Episode 30 – Time: 45min. – File Size: 20.7mb