November, 2005

Episode 08 – 113005

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Christopher Walken rules you ...Ocho! This weeks post-turkey highlights:

  • We share what we did over the holiday weekend … besides eating our weights in pie.
  • Land of the Dead! We watched it and then talked about what good zombie stories are.
  • I ramble on about music while Mike patiently nods his head. 

Music clips by Meatbee and Stop the Car.

– crank! 

Listen up yo.Episode 08
Time: 42 min.
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Episode 07 – 112305

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Jennifer Sky as Cleopatra 2525Hello hello hello!
Tim stopped back in this week … here’s the highlights:

  • We talk for a bit about why the new Image site bums me out and why Cleopatra 2525 doesn’t.
  • Tim schools us on the late, great, Atlas Comics and we marvel at their brilliance.
  • Mike & Tim try to squeeze in some thoughts about what else they bought at the comic shop this week while gushing over All Star Superman.
  • We answer some listener email (thanks for commenting and writing folks).

Notable quotes from this show include "Work for Image … get a little head.", "Don’t you blaspheme on the Hercules!", "Superheroes have no taint?" and "Superman is Bad Assed Jesus …"

Featuring music clips of "Miss Take" by the Horrorpops and the Descendents "Everything Sux".

Kudos and complaints go to comments or email and you can make friends with us if you like!

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Episode 06 – 111605

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

X-Men #190Annyong! This week on a sleep-inducing sixth episode of the Crankcast:

  • Mike & Crank recall the weekend and reflect on how collaboration can be fun.
  • Crank digs out some old comics while getting the ones he needed so we could talk about the classic X-Men issues 190 & 191.
  • Finally we revel in the horror that is working freelance from home, alone.

Features music clips of  "Don’t Get Loud With Me Bitch"  by Neighborhood Texture Jam and Avail’s  "Black And Red".

Per the norm, comments can be placed here, email sent here and making friends with us is easy peasy.


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Time: Approx. 47 min.
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Episode 05 – 110905

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

OldboyWelcome back!

This week’s highlights:

  • Crank rambles ( a lot ) about drunk podcasting meandering into illegal filesharing.
  • Mike talks about his weekend at the Wizard World Texas show.
  • Mike drew a bitchin Blue Beetle.
  • We chat for a bit about the movie "Oldboy".
  • Mike and Jenny have an intervention for Crank’s M*A*S*H-terbation.
  • We read a listener e-mail.

This week’s music clips are "Exploding Girl" by Gene Loves Jezebel and "Come to Your Senses" by Watermark.

By the by, we are now on Podcast Alley and Myspace.

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– crank!

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Time: Approx. 52 min.
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Episode 04 – 110205

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

James Earl JonesThis week was just plain hilarious … we got our first special guest and he had us in tears.

  • Tim Seeley sits in with us to talk about bad movies and stage plays
  • We chat a bit about the recent KING announcement from Marvel and what it might mean, but probably doesn’t, to the comics biz …
  • Mike and Tim recall some odd sketch requests from cons …
  • Features music clips of  "Crazy for You"  by Divebar and some random steel guitar thing of mine.

Mike will be at the convention in Dallas this weekend, so give him a buss on the cheek for me.

Feel free to comment or leave us mail, we don’t bite. 

– crank!

Episode 04
Time: Approx. 52 min.
File Size: 23.6mb