April, 2007

Save net radio … save the world. I mean that.

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

SaveNetRadio.org ... help keep internet radio from cribdeath.Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio had it's challenges.

One of the most problematic (especially in my later youth) was finding radio that didn't suck.

In the days before this new fangled interthing, you found good new music (meaning not necessarily whatever the  majors were pushing that week) through local venues, friends, magazines and radio. You all remember those days, right? When the only way you heard something new was when you'd get passed some mixed cassette by a buddy in shop class, who recorded from other tapes, and under the hiss of third generation tape quality you found magic? Or by dialing in some local college radio that managed to get a copy of some limited vinyl by that great 4-piece from Oklahoma that the major stations snubbed for lack of payola?

I was lucky, I had WOXY, number 97.7 on the FM dial. In retrospect I've come to realize that it was an important part of broadening my horizons musically. They really were the cutting edge of new music, not just in the relative confines of my small city.

Today I can still enjoy that station (and tons of others with similar ideals and taste) right here.

So can you and you and you.

At least for the moment.

I'm not going to cover the whole mess (use this link and enrich yourself) here, I really meant to bring this up sooner, but here's some bullet points:

  • Early in March '07 the Copyright Royalty Board passed a resolution to dramatically raise the fees paid by internet broadcasters, retroactive to Jan. 2006.
  •  April '07 the Copyright Royalty Board denies an appeal to rethink that decision on the grounds that there were no new arguments being made.
  • May 15 2007 marks the date these fees become effective and monies due.

The short of all this is that, in all likelihood, many stations that supply good new music will be forced to stop broadcasting.

That's not good for us poor schmucks that listen.

SaveNetRadio.org is trying to do something about it.

Read Up. Go there. If you think it's worth your time then sign the petition, write your Congressmen, link them from your site.


save crank!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

save crank!There's a tear in my beer and I'm crying for you dear …

If you've listened to the last show, you may have heard me bemoaning the loss of my sunglasses, the lynch-pin of any self-respecting person's style.

After 8 years of faithful service, my standard-issue eyegear met the fate of many of it's brethren, death by accidental stompicide.

Now I'm on the hunt for the much lauded pair of cheap sunglasses.

Of course there's a catch … change is bad and crank is as broke as his late shades.

I need to find a new pair with similar frames and that violet tint I've grown to love and they gotta be cheap.



Crankcast Episode 81 – 042507

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Jane ... don't listen to the Crankcast Jane!Bringing ear strain since 05.

This week on an 81st episode of the Crankcast that wonders where Jenny the Announcer Girl's been … Mike and crank continue their love/hate relationship with Heroes before moving on to the startling revelation that Painkiller Jane actually is pretty bad. Mike gets his new car and crank goes topless. All this and more! (emails, that is)

No music this week either, enjoy the silence.

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Episode 81 – Time: 51min. – File Size: 23.5mb

Crankcast Episode 80 – 041807

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007


This week on a Crankcast that wants extra butter on it's popcorn … Taber pops in, fresh from the Wisconsin Film Festiva, with tales of might and wonder. There's a ton of Grindhouse related talk before we move on to the Festival experience and wrap with emails (sorry, no Goldwalken this week).

No music this week, we ran long.

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Episode 80 – Time: 78min. – File Size: 35.8mb

Crankcast Episode 79 – 041107

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Rabid Grannies, Beware! Children At PlayGrah!

This week on a 79th episode of the Crankcast that still doesn't understand that GEICO caveman commercial … we talk about flattened rats, puppy's stair trouble, learning to draw on a computer and then we read listener email.

Feat. music clips by National Pool and Les Breastfeeders.

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Episode 79 – Time: 77min. – File Size: 36mb